9 Resources for Building Fantasy Weapons

Find an arsenal of creative resources in this ArtStation Marketplace product roundup!

Weapon Creation Tutorial for Video Games

by Scribble Mesh

This step-by-step tutorial includes 30 informative chapters for beginner to intermediate-level video game weapon artists. The resource also includes source files so that you can more easily follow along!

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Designing Fantasy Weapons

by Julio Nicoletti

Julio’s hour-long tutorial guides you through the process of creating a fantasy sword. Learn how to draw, shade, and render!

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Creating Stylized Weapon Concepts – Tutorial

by Jenny Brozek

Learn to create a set of 4 stylized weapons. The course covers mood boards, sketches, the value of grayscale painting, creating an interesting color scheme, finalizing and polishing designs, and creating a cohesive final concept sheet.

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Displacement / Heightmaps for Sword & Dagger Handles Vol. 1

by George Pike Tanev

This is a pack of high-resolution seamless displacement maps, used specifically for the creation of ornamented sword and dagger grips.

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VDM – Full Metal Surfaces Pack

by Renan Assuncao

Use these 20 detail brushes to create a limitless variety of metallic surfaces.

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100 Bow Base Meshes

by CG Sphere

These clean and optimized bow base meshes allow you to spend time designing and detailing rather than doing time-consuming retopology and UV work.

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ZBrush – Noya Ornament Trim Brushes

by Noya

Create elaborate details on your fantasy weapons with these 40 ornament trim brushes.

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Metal Materials for Keyshot (Part 4)

by Miguel Nogueira

Miguel’s materials cover a wide range of metal appearances, including Pacific gold, vintage copper, glossy copper, damaged brass, and more.

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Medieval Armour & Weaponry Reference Pack

by Patryk Olas

Patryk’s extensive photo reference pack includes images taken at the Musée de l’Armée (Army Museum in Paris).

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