Character Design in Procreate with Even Amundsen

A picture of Jorsalfari beside the Procreate logoConcept artist Even Amundsen walks through his design process for creating Jorsalfari, a character from the world of TEGN. The course covers the basic steps of his method in Procreate, including mistakes made along the way and how to learn from them.

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Even Mehl Amundsen is a freelance concept artist from Norway who has worked for studios like Karakter, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Riot, Axis Animation, Blur, Guerilla Games, Wizards of the Coasts, Volta, and many more. He has also been working on his own world shown in TEGN. He travels a lot, teaching what he has learned in workshops and giving advice to newcomers. Even is also teaching his process and approach through YouTube videos, his Patreon account, and live streams on Twitch.

Behind the course:

I’ve been using Procreate professionally for some time now, and it is a very good tool. The intuitive controls give a lot of freedom when working on character work, so the course is following the development of one of my more recent characters. I think seeing both successful approaches and learning from the ones that did not work is useful as it gives you an idea of what it looks like when you are pushing the envelope of what you are able to do.

Most memorable learning experience?

Being taught not to let the idea of the perfect get in the way of doing good work. Not judging the work one does by impossible standards.

A banner with an eagle, serpent, and gnome-like creature that says "TEGN"

What can you tell us about TEGN?

TEGN is a world-building project that sprung out of a sketch-a-day project I did back in 2016. Storytelling, concept design, and illustration all at once. Currently, I do a lot of the work for the project through my Patreon, so if you are curious, check it out.

Favorite Procreate feature?

The use of something as simple as the swipe-controlled menus is extremely powerful, giving you easy access to functions. Not having to interact with buttons makes the work process run smoothly.

A wood elf crowned in twigs looks at the camera from a foggy forest

If you could give one sentence of advice to young artists, what would it be?

If you want to be quick, move slow. Most of the time spent on a piece is spent fixing something you mucked up, so be deliberate, and only sit down to draw once you know what it is you are trying to accomplish.

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