NVIDIA Enters The Creative Studio

Let’s be honest. When you hear NVIDIA your first thoughts focus on gaming; incredible graphics, amazing performance, unforgettable experiences. But now creators of all types, from aspiring artists and industry professionals, 3D animators to video editors, now have a big reason to think NVIDIA first when it comes to creativity, it’s called NVIDIA Studio.

GPUs—The Future of Content Creation

Most of the creative apps we use everyday – like Adobe Photoshop and Blender Cycles – are GPU-accelerated, which means having a discrete graphics card unlocks significant performance boosts while creating content. That’s a big deal. For one, it lets you create faster without cumbersome delays. And second, time is money. If you’re on a deadline and you can export video up to 5x faster in Adobe Premiere Pro, that’s a priceless advantage to have.

Your New Destination For Creation

NVIDIA Studio is more than just tech. It’s about empowering an inspirational creative community by providing free resources and insider knowledge, helping creators hone their impressive skills, and highlighting their incredible work. Discover more ways to create with the new creator-focused NVIDIA Studio YouTube channel. It’s loaded with step-by-step tutorials from renowned artists, inspiring community showcases and more, all powered by NVIDIA Studio hardware and software technology. Here are some of our favorites – you might recognize a few familiar faces!

Studio Drivers—Really Fast To Even Faster

NVIDIA also works with the biggest app developers in the world to continually optimize the way their GPUs work with your favorite creative apps, it’s called the Studio Driver, technology that enhances features, reduces the repetitive, and speeds up your workflow. Studio Drivers are exclusive to NVIDIA GPUs and undergo extensive testing to deliver added performance and reliability. Simply put, owning an NVIDIA GPU dramatically enhances your creative work, so all you really have to worry about is the creating.

Studio-Grade Performance, From Anywhere

NVIDIA Studio was developed with creators in mind. Whether your day-to-day delves into the realm of 3D design, rendering or video editing, combining advanced software with premium hardware ushers in a new era of creative performance. Introducing RTX Studio laptops and desktops. Packed with NVIDIA’s industry-leading RTX GPUs, these machines feature vivid color displays and blazing-fast memory and storage, all precision-engineered into fully-capable laptops and ultra-powerful desktop PCs. There are over 100 options to choose from. See the complete lineup of RTX Studio products here.

For a limited time you can get 3 months of Adobe Creative Cloud (a $238.47 value!) when you buy an RTX Studio product from a participating retailer. It’s good for both new and existing members. Get the details here.

We can’t wait to see your wonderful create-from-home creations. Share your works of art by using the hashtag #StudioShare for a chance to be featured and inspire your fellow artists.

Have fun creating!

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