10 Tutorials to Try to Beat in the Create Your Destiny Challenge

We’re so excited to see all how many people are participating in the ArtStation Marketplace Challenge: Create Your Destiny. As we’re in the final days of the challenge, we’re seeing a lot of artists uploading their work, here are some of those challengers!

Easy Character creation Tutorial

by Turtle LAB

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a portfolio piece from scratch. This tutorial focus on the most efficient and fun way to create a character in 2020 for portfolio purpose. Fast concept and modeling in Zbrush, fun texture creation in Painter and easy rendering solution in real-time !!

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Lasso Speedpainting and Photoshop Actions

by JoJo Lu

This speedpainting and photoshop actions tutorial includes these 7 categories of instruction:

  • Shortcuts
  • Actions
  • Sketch
  • Block In
  • Painting
  • Final Touches
  • Bonus Time Lapse

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How to Push Your Designs

by Pace Wilder

In this short video series (Approx. 40 Mins of video total) Pace shares a few need-to-know design tricks sketch a little bit to apply them. Using only Photoshop, Pace uses a few workflows to help push a design a little farther.

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What you need to know before developing an indie game

by Ian Villalobos

You will learn about step 0 before you start developing your own videogame. Ian will explain all of what developing an indie game requires. Somethings are not clear when you are starting developing your own videogame, so Ian does his best to help you to understand the basics.

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Background Design for Animation Pipeline Tutorial

by Jose Vega

Jose been working in the animation industry for the last 3 years as a Lead Background Designer and in this tutorial, he shows his whole process used in the industry pipeline. The tutorial will go through the very beginnings from sketching, gathering reference, to using 3D and making our final background painting.

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Short Course for Beginners | Environment Lighting

by Zawadul Hasnat

This is a very short course for beginners on Environment Lighting. This short course is based on Digital 3D. There are brief explanations on understanding Lighting for 3D environments. You don’t need any specific 3D software for this course.

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Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial Beginner Series – Easy Start

by Šimon Ustal

So you want to create some good looking game, you want to create Materials, Light and UI? Then this is the tutorial for you! This UE4 tutorial contains:

  • Project Setup and UI, Scripting
  • Characters, Actors
  • Materials
  • Post-Processing
  • Light Setup
  • Line Trace
  • Level Design
  • Cinematics and Particles
  • Packaging and Patches

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How to Make Fighting Robots in Blender

by John Brown

This tutorial shows you how to animate two robots to fight each other just like in Battlebots. The robots are animated in blender and then everything will be edited together. For this tutorial, you will need Blender, and your favorite video editing software. The starter file comes with two robots, an arena, and a bunch of fans. Feel free to make your own robots if you want.

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Vintage Hollywood Stage Light – Blender to Unreal

by Andrew Weir

This intermediate tutorial contains a fully filmed breakdown of a High to Low poly workflow for a high detail game asset. The key focus of the series being Modeling and preparing the mesh for baking and Unreal Engine. Some basic knowledge of the software would be ideal to fully understand the process of creating this asset.

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Light – simple and organized for 2d artist

by Tatiana Volkova

This tutorial is for 2D artists who want to learn a simple and organized way to work with light. The tutorial covers the following topics:

  • photography and digital art
  • light
  • difference between light and color accent
  • different surfaces and light
  • organized workflow
  • sources to read

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You still have time to enter the ArtStation Marketplace Challenge: Create Your Destiny, there are over $10,000 in prizes on top of your marketplace earnings.


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