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Welcome to the Wayfinder Art Blast. After years of hard work and collaboration, we are excited to share a glimpse of the tremendous effort put forth by our exceptionally talented team. The creative forces at Airship have been dedicated to building something very special. Making a game like Wayfinder is the culmination of hard work across all disciplines. The art you see here represents only a fraction of the passion that has been interwoven throughout Wayfinder’s world, UI, gameplay, music, systems, narrative, audio, cinematics, marketing, production, and programming. At Airship, we feel very lucky to work on a team that fosters creativity, learning and a high standard for art, as well as being a studio where contribution and collaboration are held in equal regard. Wayfinder is a showcase of all of the passion, attention to detail, technical skill, and artistic prowess of our devs at Airship Syndicate.

We are immensely thankful for all of the artists and devs who helped breathe life into Wayfinder over the years. There are many artists who have helped us along the way and may not be represented on this page. Wayfinder wouldn’t be what it is today without all of their effort as well. The passion of our artists is evident wherever you look in the world of Wayfinder.

The most exciting part is that this is only the beginning. In the months and years ahead, we will have much more to reveal so keep an eye out.

We genuinely hope you enjoy what we’ve prepared for you all. You’re in for a treat!

Jesse Carpenter, Art Director
Airship Syndicate

Joe Madureira – Creative Director / CEO – Airship Syndicate

Jesse Carpenter – Art Director – Airship Syndicate
Billy Garretsen – Brand/UX Director – Airship Syndicate
Baldi Konijn – Principal Concept Artist – Airship Syndicate
Virginia Critchfield – Lead Concept Artist – Airship Syndicate
Dan Heit – Principal UI Designer – Airship Syndicate
Dar Reath – UI Artist – Airship Syndicate
Tristan Faure – Senior Worldbuilder – Airship Syndicate
Vincent Gros – Senior Worldbuilder – Airship Syndicate
Brian “BoBo” Jones – Studio Character Lead – Airship Syndicate
Jared Kime – Senior Character Artist – Airship Syndicate
Rory McMahon – Character Artist – Airship Syndicate
Gia Han Lam – Character Artist – Airship Syndicate
Hanna Kime – Character Artist – Airship Syndicate
Joffrey Ferrandes – Senior Character Artist – Airship Syndicate
Andrey Sviridenko – Character Artist – Airship Syndicate
Dimitri Devos – Character Artist – Airship Syndicate
VSQUAD – Art Outsourcing Studio

Volodymyr Liubchuk – Co-Founder – VSQUAD

Vadуm Koval – Lead – VSQUAD
Iryna Andreeva – Character Artist – VSQUAD
Vlad Nabatchikov – Character Artist – VSQUAD
Diana Mukovoz – Retopology Artists – VSQUAD
Romain Durand – Principal Environment Artist – Airship Syndicate
John Stamos – Lead Environment Artist – Airship Syndicate
Guillaume Provost – Lead Environment Artist – GFactory
Seth Baldwin – Senior Enviroment Artist – Airship Syndicate
Ranko Prozo – Senior Environment Artist – Airship Syndicate
Jasmin Habezai-Fekri – Environment Artist – Airship Syndicate
Axelle Lyv Perrier – Environment Artist – GFactory
Anaïs Faure – Environment Artist – GFactory
GFactory – Art Outsourcing Studio
Vitalii Koziuk – Lead – VSQUAD

Ryan Rosanky – Lead VFX Artist – Airship Syndicate

Jeremy Pantoja – Lead Animator – Airship Syndicate

Scott Marshall – Principal Animator – Airship Syndicate

Derek Taylor – Senior Animator – Airship Syndicate

Alex Clumpner – Associate Animator – Airship Syndicate

Emily Christianson – Associate Animator – Airship Syndicate

Powerhouse Animation – Art Outsourcing Studio

Mooncolony – Art Outsourcing Studio

Isabel Grayce – Technical Artist – Airship Syndicate

Ludo Lullabi – Cutscenes art / Layouts – Freelance

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