ArtStation Learning Update: 14/11/2019

Expand your skill set and learn from professionals on ArtStation Learning! With new diverse new courses being continually added to the library, you’ll always have something new to learn.

This week on ArtStation Learning, discover 3 new courses by Jason Scheier, Yekaterina Bourykina, and Grady Fredrick.

Environment Design: The Final Illustration

More than just creating pretty landscapes, environment design is about the process of searching for what you want a region to feel like for your audience, and the story it tells. In this final part of the series, Grady covers the process of creating a final environment concept illustration. He covers color techniques using a structured process, as he builds up to the final image.

Hand Painting Textures: Character (Part 1)

Yekaterina Bourykina is a master of hand painting stylized textures for games. In this four-part series, she demonstrates her approach to hand-painting textures on a character, using her character created for The Legend of King Arthur Challenge. In this first part, she covers the basics with an overview of baking, maps, cleaning up poly painted faces and blocking in the key elements.

Color and Light for Visual Storytelling

Jason Scheier teaches that elements of a story can be enhanced or communicated just by making the right choices in regards to color and lighting. He gives a basic overview of Color and Light, before talking describing the power of Light in Visual Storytelling. He then covers creating color scripts and how to color grade your images to enhance the moment of a story.

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