Marketplace Milestone: Artist Earnings reach $500,000

It’s been less than a year since ArtStation launched the Marketplace that now has over user-created 15,000 products. It has become a go-to for artists looking for affordable resources as well as a valuable source of passive income for creators.  Today, we’re delighted to announce that artist payouts have officially passed the $500,000 milestone. 

For some, selling on the ArtStation Marketplace has been life-changing. The easy setup process and free storefront makes it accessible for art creators from all walks of life. Sellers range from seasoned artists to students or recent graduates. While many artists use their earnings to fund an annual vacation or their weekly Chipotle visit, others have been able to even make enough to pay their rent!

For new creators or artists without a large following, the ArtStation Marketplace has proven to be a great place to have products discovered.  ArtStation has millions of monthly visitors looking for art resources and tools.

 “I tried to find a platform that could reach people. My online presence was practically non existent. I tried the ArtStation Marketplace knowing that the platform could reach way more people than I could by myself!” – Quentin Gabriel

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ArtStation helps build a following and promote products. An artist’s followers and previous customers are notified whenever a new product is published.

“ArtStation is the biggest community in the industry for both companies, professional artists and aspiring artists. I can just start selling without worrying about the promotion and audience targeting. Here, I can just focus on the product itself and that’s great.”  – Antoine Collignon

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To better support artists, we’re constantly working on improvements and new features. Some of our updates since launch include selling on ArtStation-powered user websites, short links, embedding videos in product descriptions and enhanced checkout.

Website Store – Clint Cearley

A lot of highly requested Marketplace features are coming soon. To be notified about new releases,  make sure you are subscribed to announcements in your Notifications Settings.

For more information on the ArtStation Marketplace, check out the FAQ here.

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