NVIDIA Metropia 2042 Challenge Submissions Closed

Submissions for the NVIDIA Metropia 2042 challenge! have now closed, and the judges will soon start the process of viewing the entries for judging.

Congratulations to all of the artists who completed their submissions! Take a look at the amazing entries in the Cities of the Future, Characters of the Future, Vehicles of the Future and Interiors of the Future categories.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank NVIDIA and the other challenge sponsors who made this challenge possible (HP, Adobe, PixologicSubstance, Chaos Group and OTOY).

Dates for the NVIDIA Metropia 2042 Challenge:

Submissions started: January 28, 2019

Deadline for submissions: March 18, 2019

Winners announcement: April 8, 2019 (NOTE: We’ve extended the winner’s announcement by one week to coordinate the announcement more widely with NVIDIA).

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