NVIDIA Metropia 2042 Challenge

ArtStation is excited to introduce our first creative partnership with NVIDIA, launching the NVIDIA Metropia 2042 challenge!

NVIDIA redefined computer graphics in 1999 with the invention of the GPU, sparking the growth of the PC gaming market, and has become the platform of choice for creative professionals in design and visualization. NVIDIA also leads the way in the technologies that will shape our future including AI and deep learning, autonomous machines, self-driving cars and even healthcare.

With these advancements nearing reality, NVIDIA is challenging you to visualize Metropia 2042—a place and time in the near future where humanity has benefited from revolutions in AI, robotics, autonomous transport, augmented reality and environmental protections. There are four 3D render categories to choose from:

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Challenge Requirements

The full challenge briefs for each challenge category will be posted on January 28, 2019.

Dates for the NVIDIA Metropia 2042 Challenge:

Submissions start: January 28, 2019

Deadline for submissions: March 18, 2019

Winners announced: April 1, 2019


NVIDIAHP, Adobe, PixologicSubstance, Chaos Group and OTOY have teamed up to provide an amazing lineup of prizes for the winners of the NVIDIA Metropia 2042 Challenge!

The following prizes will be awarded in each category:

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