Domain registration, SSL and more on ArtStation Pro accounts

We’re pleased to be releasing ArtStation Domains – enabling ArtStation Pro members to purchase domain names from within ArtStation!

ArtStation domains come with free SSL, privacy, DNS editor and automatic setup.

Domain names start at $20/year. You need to be a Pro member to register a domain, which will link to your ArtStation-powered website. This way, you can completely brand your website as your own instead of using the default URL.

Domain name extensions available:

  • $20/yr: .com .xyz .net .org
  • $25/yr: .art .info .me

All domain names include:

  • SSL protection – typically $70/year+ on other sites
  • Domain privacy – typically $10/year+ on other sites
  • DNS editor – use your domain for other services such as Google Suite (Gmail)

Get started with ArtStation Domains More about ArtStation Pro

Automatic setup – no fussing with DNS!

To get started, just head to the new Domains panel on ArtStation. There, you can search for a domain name. Once you buy the domain name, ArtStation will automatically set everything up for you! No need to fuss around with DNS settings.

SSL Protection

All ArtStation domains (as well as 3rd party domains that you point to ArtStation) come with SSL included. This is usually a $70/year+ extra charge and complex to set up on other platforms as you need to key a certificate and install the certificate on your website. On ArtStation it all happens automatically for you.

Domain Privacy

All ArtStation domains come with domain privacy. That means that your registration information is kept private so that spammers don’t get hold of your address, email and phone number by doing a WHOIS query. This is usually a $10/year+ extra charge on other platforms.

DNS Editor – when you need to hook up more functionality to your domain

ArtStation domains come with a DNS editor that enables you to use your domain on much more than just ArtStation.

E.g. want to hook up your domain with Google Suite and have your emails use your domain name? You can do that with ArtStation domains.

Add-on to Pro keeps the base cost low

ArtStation domains are available as an add-on to your ArtStation Pro subscription. This keeps the base cost of ArtStation Pro low, and it allows artists who already have a domain name (or buy a domain elsewhere) to point it to ArtStation and not be charged for it.

Other platforms include the cost of the domain name in their annual subscription, which means that if you already have a domain name or you want to use a domain name from a 3rd party, you’re paying for it twice. On ArtStation, domains are offered as an add-on, keeping things simple, flexible and the savings are passed to you.

Coming soon – Domain Transfers

For those of you with existing domain names wanting to transfer to ArtStation, we’re working on it and it should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

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