Featured Pro Portfolio: Mioree

Mioree is a freelance artist and Twitch streamer who specializes in stylized character illustrations. The ArtStation Pro Mosaic theme is perfect for giving an overview of her portfolio without adjusting the aspect ratio of her artwork.

Check out Mioree’s ArtStation-powered portfolio website. 

For her, using the website builder was clean and intuitive.

“It offers everything you’d need to nicely build your portfolio. I’ve not tested all the things you can do with it yet, but for my needs, it works like a charm.”

In this interview, she tells us how she keeps her audience engaged, how she’s improved her work over the years and shares her advice on putting together a portfolio.

In your opinion, what do you think is most important to showcase in an artist’s portfolio?

There are many opinions on this I’ve come across over the years. For professional work, you must put yourself in the shoes of the person you are sending your portfolio to. This means you probably should be customizing your portfolio to fit the job you want and not overload it with too many pieces. So, ultimately the most important thing to include in any portfolio is the kind of art you researched and know suits the studio requirements you are sending it to.

 Tell us about one of your favorite pieces. 

Usually, my answer to this question is that my favorite piece of mine is my latest, as it reflects my current skill level and state of being but I’ve had a hard time in the recent past balancing my studies and professional work. So, this time, my favorite piece of mine is a personal one of my original character called “Milo’s Romance”. I love it still because it’s one of my rare pieces I did not feel a need to overwork and yet successfully conveyed the emotion I intended.

Even its creation was spontaneous and unplanned. I simply wanted to test something out and ended up completing it in the following hours. It was a fast and relatively easy process, as the moment and circumstances around it were in my head for a while. My best work happens when I have a mental image or sequence before I begin.

How have you seen your work change over the years and what have you found has been most helpful for improvement?

I’ve seen pretty big changes over the years. My most significant leaps happen when I’m most consistent. I think consistency is one of the most reliable ways to improve. That being said, I find that for me, it’s a bit too easy to neglect straightforward targeted studies and while consistency brings a great deal of improvement, the leaps in skill are much grander when combined with deliberate studies. Nowadays I’m seeking ways to manage my time better so I can dedicate more to growing my skill. We live in a time of abundance for anyone seeking to learn, and having time is probably the biggest hurdle.

As someone who livestreams often, what tips do you have for keeping it engaging and fresh?

What I do is what I’ve always done throughout my life. Talk a lot. I have slow days too but ever since I can remember I’ve always enjoyed taking, especially about my interests. I also love hearing the opinions of those keeping me company during my livestream so it all worked out nicely.

A barrier to entry when livestreaming is the initial shyness and insecurity. This fades as you realize the people who are there are there because they like you and slowly you’ll become more confident and you get the opportunity to help your chat and exchange some tips or even just some inspiration.

See more of Mioree’s work on her ArtStation Pro website. To find out more about ArtStation Pro portfolio websites, click here

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