Featured Pro Portfolio: Julien Kaspar

We love seeing and sharing all of the extraordinary work that gets posted on ArtStation everyday. With an ArtStation Pro account, the artwork you post on your ArtStation account is easily also conveniently updated on your portfolio website. This week, our Featured Pro Portfolio interview is with Julien Kaspar.

Julien is a 3D Artist from Munich, Germany and currently in an apprenticeship at the LIGA 01 Computerfilm Studio.
As you can tell from his work, he is passionate about creating interesting characters that tell a story.

See Julien’s ArtStation-powered portfolio website.

What is your one top trick for getting noticed? 

What I noticed early on is that no one is going to click on your artwork if the thumbnail is bad. Frame an interesting part of it, don’t try to show the whole thing and make it as eye catching as possible. Also, if it’s just a simple sketch or speed sculpt, then the lighting and composition becomes an even more essential part of the presentation.

What kinds of experiences/training landed you where you are today?

For the majority of my learning progress I was self-taught. I started doing 3D Art as a hobby at 15 years old and got a lot of important early support from family, friends & and an amazing internship during school. I was involved in college short film productions through my older sister and made logo animations, short image-films and local cinema commercials through my internship. I was left to my own reigns to experiment and create and that support was invaluable.

 Where do you go to find inspiration?

Constantly I’m searching for new and inspirational artworks all across the internet. I try to surround myself with artists and artworks that are better than me/mine and soak as much of that into my own work as possible to improve it and myself. Mostly, I search on ArtStation and Pinterest but also on a lot of other sites like Facebook, DeviantArt, Sketchfab and different forums.

 See more of Julien’s work on his ArtStation Pro website. To find out more about ArtStation Pro portfolio websites, click here

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