Featured Pro Portfolio: Jakub Rebelka

Our weekly Featured Pro Portfolios showcase some of the most inspiring portfolio websites on ArtStation and give our readers the opportunity to get tips and advice from the artist themselves. This week we interviewed Jakub Rebelka, an illustrator,  comic artist and concept designer living in Poland. His colourful and unique artwork tends to grab you attention on a page.

ArtStation Pro enables artists to create beautiful looking portfolio websites in seconds. Jakub’s website is another great example of what can be done with the tools provided by ArtStation’s powerful website builder.

Check out Jakub’s ArtStation-powered website. 

What is a portfolio “must-have” for you?

A portfolio should be a collection of an artist’s best works. It should show an overview of their ideas, techniques and style. I think it’s better to think twice before choosing artworks for portfolio. Those artworks should be the ones that represent the craft of the artist.

It’s important to pay attention to what you do. Trying to create good quality art requires time, passion and hard work that will become experience, and with that it will be easier.

What tips do you have to stand out and get noticed?

I am always curious what will happen when I  publish the artwork, if people will like it or ignore it. When I started to share my works on social media I was not expecting anything. At the begging it was like throwing stones into water but in my case, a few of those “stones” woke up the beast and it noticed me.

What kind of experiences/training landed you where you are today?

Like most people on ArtStation , I always was a drawing kid. First I just wanted to draw “things” than I was fascinated by comics, witch remain my passion. In Poland you can not make comics your full time job so I was also storyboard artist for commercial agencies, it allowed me to earn decent money but I hated it. I also studied on Painting Department Academy of Fine Arts, trying to find my way in art and explore the subject matter. After my studies, I was hired to do the drawings for the second “Witcher” (animated stylized cutscenes) and I did similar work for “Shadow Warrior”. When my first son was born I started to work on more personal works and share it online. I think the most important lessons in art I received from my father who was a painter.  Growing up and watching him work was amazing.  I guess in my case there was a lot of searching before I realized I wanted to combine and use all those experiences in my art.

Where do you go to find inspiration?

Thats my favourite question! I always try to give a different answer and strangely enough, every time it’s true. I think it’s different depending on who I work for. In the case of my personal illustrations,  the process of inspiration is to absorb stuff like comics, movies, games, books, and music but also random life moments, family life, nature, travels and I use this memory bank to do art. In case of working for clients, inspiration is more a craft. You have a mission and directives and you have to use proper tools and research.

See more of Jakub’s work on his ArtStation Pro website. To find out more about ArtStation Pro portfolio websites, click here

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