Ubisoft – The Division Collaborative Fan Art Winner and Collaborative Video

Ubisoft has unveiled the Fall of Canada fan art collaborative video, which immerses fans in a Canadianized chapter of Tom Clancy’s The Division® via user-generated, fan-artwork from participants across the country. Bringing to life the reality of a pandemic stricken, lawless Canada in shambles, the end-result is a stunning portrayal of what our country in chaos might look like from coast to coast.

Grand Prize Winner

The verdict is in! After a difficult judging process that saw over 220 submissions of stunning fan-artwork inspired by Tom Clancy’s The Division® reviewed, Ubisoft is excited to announce that Bertille Giacomoni from Montreal is the winner of the Fall of Canada collaborative fan art contest. Bertille’s representation of the Fall of Canada – pictured below – wins her a $5,000 grand prize!


About the Fall of Canada

Canadian artists were invited to visit www.FallOfCanada.ca and try their hand at depicting what Canada facing a pandemic would look like. The website featured a storyboard inspired by Tom Clancy’s The Division and invite them to draw, paint, stencil or sketch a select scene from a storyboard in their own style. Fans got to upload a picture of their project to www.FallOfCanada.ca.

Visitors of Fallofcanada.ca voted for their favourite fan-contributed artwork, with top pieces (as voted on by fans and our judging panel of well-known Canadian artists) receiving a variety of prizes.

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