What’s New on ArtStation Learning – 04/03/2021

ArtStation Learning is always growing its library of online learning courses. Read on to discover our latest THU and ArtStation Learning partnered content. Plus, find out more about ArtStation Learning Instructor Rafael Sarmento‘s course, Creating a Sci-Fi Concept in Procreate.

Creating a Sci-Fi Concept in Procreate

with Rafael Sarmento

Award-winning Illustrator and Character Designer Rafael Sarmento provides a process discussion and workflow review for an original sci-fi artwork that reimagines the classic whale tale of Moby Dick. This narrated video review takes the viewer through Rafael’s entire Procreate painting process, including sketching and ideation, composition, background design, and adding details. Viewers will also get to see how Rafael uses Procreate to create unique visual effects like liquified brushstrokes.

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Cinematography as/and Art

with Robh Ruppel

This ambitious presentation by Robh Ruppel covers a wide range of cinematography storytelling techniques. Starting with early cinema and gradually moving into modern film examples, Robh dissects why core devices like lighting, framing, and composition can be used to instill certain moods in a viewer. Robh also reflects on how these techniques can (and do) carry over into games.

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Designing Lasting Characters

with Moby Francke

This interactive presentation by Moby Francke sheds light on his approach to creating character designs that remain intact through the many-staged game design process. After reviewing some of his inspiration references and portfolio examples, Moby moves into a live demonstration showing how to create a preliminary character design from a silhouette.

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Going Straight to the Point: Digital Art

with Nicolas ‘Sparth‘ Bouvier

Sparth shares why he likes to take a fast approach to digital artwork creation. His presentation goes over the main techniques he uses for making efficient art in rapid time. The presentation also concludes with an audience question and answer period.

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Color in Photoshop

with Mike Azevedo

In this talk geared towards digital painters, Mike Azevedo provides an introductory discussion on using color in Photoshop. This interactive discussion covers reflection, hue, shadows, color mixing, and more, equipping viewers with everything they need to master foundational color concepts.

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Concept Art Master Class

with Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery

For the first time ever, Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery talks publicly about how he works as a concept artist. Sharing plenty of examples from his impressive portfolio (Rango, Predator 2, Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park…), Mark recounts major lessons he has learned over his career, his experiences working in the industry, what inspires him, and more. This master class is a rare learning opportunity for concept artists that is not to be missed!

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Magic From the Master: Live Demo

with Kim Jung Gi

Using only paper and brush pen and working in front of a live audience, masterful illustration artist Kim Jung Gi demonstrates his ability to create elaborate scenes from his imagination. Kim creates an original artwork while also answering audience questions, making for an incredibly memorable and unique artist presentation.

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