Gnomon ships Figure Fundamentals Volume 2

The Gnomon Workshop has released Figure Fundamentals Volume 2: Construction for Perspective and Volume, the latest in its series of tutorials on traditional figure drawing.

Recorded by LA-based painter Van Arno, the 166-minute video explores how to capture a live model using simple volumes, then redraw the figure from another angle without the model present.

The exercise should help artists build up the volumetric vocabulary necessary to draw accurately without live reference: an essential skill for production and storyboard work.

In addition, Arno explores the anatomical differences between male and female bodies, and key technical skills like tone and lighting.

The video is available as a digital download from Gnomon’s online store, and costs $59.

Read more about Figure Fundamentals Volume 2 on Gnomon’s website

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About the author

Jim Thacker is a contributing editor for ArtStation Magazine.