Harness the Power of Lighting with ArtStation Learning

Are you ready to make your artistic vision shine? Join us as we explore the power lighting has in elevating a scene to new heights with these five ArtStation Learning courses and series. 

“Lighting” – Advanced Environment Art, Part 5

by Dekogon Studios and Geoffroy Calis 

In the fifth video of the series, Advanced Environment Art, Senior Lighting Artist Geoffroy Calis demonstrates the process of producing effective lighting in environment art and emphasizes the value of feedback, research, and focus for artistic development. He walks you through gathering your references and moodboards, and within Unreal Engine, he guides you in setting up Lumen  and optimizing the scene. 

Warning: There are flashing lights in the introduction of this lesson. 

Color and Light for Visual Storytelling

By Jason Scheier

Art Director Jason Scheier discusses how color and lighting choices can have a significant impact on a story’s mood, tone, and themes. Throughout the course, he covers the basic concepts of color and light, the role of light in visual storytelling, and demonstrates how to develop a consistent palette using color script and color grading.

Ray Tracing in Unreal Engine for ArchViz

By  Wessel Huizenga

In this three-part series, follow along with Architectural Visualization Artist Wessel Huizenga as he demonstrates how to transform an interior space using various lighting techniques. Learn scene setup, get advice on plugins that can be used for these projects, and learn how to use Unreal Engine and Adobe Photoshop to capture your final product.

Illuminating a 2D Illustration in Procreate

by Julia Körner

Join Illustrator Julia Körner on a creative journey as she explains her decision-making process and techniques for effectively illuminating 2D illustrations in Procreate. Follow her as she creates sketches, color schemes, and moodboards that serve as the foundation for her creations, inspiring her final illuminated project.

Lighting Art Test

by Dekogon Studios and Robert Ritchie

In this two-part series, Lighting Artist Robert Richie shares his tips and tricks for artists facing lighting tests and applying to AAA studios. Follow Robert as he demonstrates the outcomes that leads and art directors are looking for as he takes you through the process of breaking down a brief to create your final composition in Unreal Engine.

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