Sink Your Teeth Into These 6 Paleoart Resources

On the ArtStation Marketplace, you’ll find everything you need to create paleoart animals and scenes. We’ve rounded up six resources created by the ArtStation community to get you started.

A feathery dinosaur demonstrating different brush feathers

Prehistoric Feathers and Fur IMM Brushes

by Jessica “Jincy” Jennings 

Get two brushes with one purchase! The first IMM brush in this resource pack comes with 16 protofeathers and three spikes with UVs already made. The second IMM set is a fur or “dino fuzz” brush with 13 meshes which can be used to quickly create convincing fur in ZBrush without having to rely on FiberMesh. 

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Photograph of ancient animal fossils with a close up on skulls

Museum of Natural History Photo Pack

by Phillip Park 

Phillip’s resource includes 700+ high-res images of fossils, bones, and anatomical displays of mammals, sea life, and dinosaurs/prehistoric creatures. The images were taken at the Museum of Natural History in Paris and are a perfect reference for your next paleoart project.

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Images of green Araucaria Araucana trees

Set of Araucaria Araucana Tree (Chilean Pine) (2 Trees)

by Moonik Office 

Moonik Office has bundled two different Araucaria araucana trees in this resource. The included 3ds Max, FBX, OBJ, Blender, and Cinema 4D files are optimized for distant and closeup views, and include real-world scale references.

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3D dinosaur feet in different stages of detail

ZBrush – Dino Foot Base Mesh – ZTool (with Basic UVs)  

by Marcus Whinney 

In this download you will find a ZTOOL scene with a base mesh model of a dinosaur foot. Simple UVs have been added so that you can take it further.

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5 different teeth on an IMM brush. They look sharp, with one broken.

IMM Dinosaur Teeth Brush

by Allan Palmer

Allan Palmer’s IMM brush includes five base teeth variations. 

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Sketches of a T-Rex.

Foundation Art Group – Imaginative Sketching: Prehistoric T-Rex w/ Jonathan Kuo

by Foundation Art Group

Included in this Marketplace resource is a 1 hour 25 minute-long video lecture and demonstration by Jonathan Kuo, along with a .JPG demo with notes.

Get it here >

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