Enrich Your Environment Art With These 6 Posts About Plants

Grow Your Environment Art Reading List

These six posts authored by members of the ArtStation community are here to help your next greenery-filled environment art scene stand out.

A jungle plant environment art scene in UE5

Tree Breakdown

by Ronald Houtermans

3D Environment Artist Ronald Houtermans dives into UE5, Megascans, and Maya to make a detailed, ivy-covered tree.

The goal is to create a scene that still feels alive, but with more detail for any foliage that is stuck to surfaces like the ground, rocks, or trees. 

Title image with foliage as a backdrop

The Way to Create Vegetation for Video Games. The Blacksteinn Experience

by Blacksteinn 

Blacksteinn artist Anastasia Goloshchapova shares her workflow techniques, software secrets, and other tips and tricks for making vegetation for video games.

Plants are an important visual component of any game. The foliage is not just a part of the environment. Plants add vibrancy and variety to scenes, and are also an element of narrative and storytelling, carrying information about the location.

Scene of a mountainous environment, with yellow flowers in front of mossy rocks

Halo Infinite Art Dump News: ECT Biome Team

by Rogelio Olguin 

This roundup of environment art from the Halo Infinite team has plenty of inspiring works that are sure to kick-start your imagination.

Renders of palm trees in UE

Studies – Making Trees for Real Time Rendering – Palm Tree

by Chris Kabeya 

In this post, Senior Environment Artist Chris Kabeya gives a quick review of his approach for creating a realistic palm tree render in Unreal Engine.

Something that has been a weakness of mine for a while has been making foliage assets. I’ve decided to mitigate that weakness by diving into putting together a palm tree in order to get myself more comfortable with the process.

Shot of environment art with a red flower bunch. Golden light light is shining through the petals.

Plants of Sevilla

by Jackson Keller

Jackson Keller, Environment Art Intern at Insomniac Games, shares a presentation on his digital plant creation process on ArtStation Blogs. See how he moved from photo reference to final 3D render.

3D water plants shown with their wireframes

My Stylized Foliage Workflow

by Rick Hoppmann

Learn how to make cute stylized plants with help from 3D Environment Artist Rick Hoppmann’s workflow breakdown. Be sure to also check out Rick’s other foliage-related posts on ArtStation Blogs here.

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