Riveting Reads for Digital Illustrators

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Every day, talented ArtStation community members are using ArtStation Blogs to connect with others about their creative journeys. We’ve rounded up seven inspiring posts about digital illustration to get your personal reading list started.

Digital Illustration of a lighthouse

Lighthouse Painting Demo

by Florian Coudray 

In this short demo, Florian shows you how you can make a quick 2D concept artwork from a 3D blockout. 

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Digital Illustration of a window

How to Paint Reflection on Windows in Less Than 10 Minutes

by Sylvain Sarrailh 

Learn how to paint window reflections in just four steps with help from Sylvain Sarrailh!

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Digital comic art illustration

Harmonizing Color for Comic Book Covers

by Visual Arts Passage 

In this article for Visual Arts Passage, Keyla Valerio explains how to pick a palette, the importance of color profiles, and how to bring overall balance to your piece.

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Digital fantasy prop illustration

Fantasy Prop Illustration Demo

by Roberto Gatto

Roberto’s beginner-oriented post demonstrates how you can use light, form, and material for a fantasy prop illustration.

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Digital portrait illustration

Straights vs Curves

by Tyler edlin

Learn to enhance your illustrations through the power of shape and line—and learn how to avoid some beginner’s pitfalls.

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Thumbnail for Juhani's post

From Sketch to Final – How I Sketch for Client Projects

by Juhani Jokinen

Elevate your professionalism and artistry with help from this post that breaks down the power of sketching in your project planning.

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Digital illustration sketch of a dragon face

Maintain Brush Momentum!

by Logan Preshaw

Are you getting lost in the weeds of your painting process? Take control with help from Logan’s thoughtful commentary about brush efficiency and decision making.

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