7 Environment Art Courses on ArtStation Learning

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Whether you’re a budding environment artist or an experienced creator, this list of 7 free-to-watch courses on ArtStation Learning is sure to be helpful for your next environment art project.

Environment art of a colourful cartoon village lit at nighttime

Environment Design in Clip Studio Paint

by Roberto Gatto

This course with Roberto Gatto goes over the process of designing an environment with the use of Clip Studio Paint and 3D tools. Starting from the initial idea and gathering references, the course moves into exploring designs, going over the 3D process and design basics, and finally bringing the environment to a finish inside of Clip Studio Paint.

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Screenshots of Houdini software UI

Introduction to Houdini: Generating Terrain

by Kem Yaralioglu

Kem Yaralioglu covers the fundamental nodes used for terrain creation inside Houdini. This course is a brief overview of all of the common nodes that are used frequently to create landscapes, and covers how to use the nodes to create a production-level landscape.

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Various kitbash pieces of a cathedral-like building for use in environment art projects

Environment Design Workflow Using 3D and VR – Part 1 – Creating a 3D Kitbash Set in VR

by Leon Tukker

Over the two-part Environment Design Workflow Using 3D and VR series, you’ll learn how to make a 3D architecture kitbash set for use in a 2D concept design. In part 1 of the series, Leon demonstrates how to build a kitbash set in Gravity Sketch using an Oculus headset.

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Environment art of a wooden building surrounded by swamp

3D to 2D Workflow for Environment Design – Part 1 – Intro to ZBrush

by Stéphane Wootha Richard 

In this series, Stéphane Wootha Richard covers his process for creating environment art with 2D and 3D tools. During the first lesson Stéphane gives an introductory look at ZBrush as a creative tool for concept artists. 

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Black and white environment art sketches

Environment Design – Part 1 – Graphic Sketching

by Grady Frederick

More than just pretty landscapes, environment design is about the process of searching for what you want a region to feel like for your audience, and the story it tells. In this first lesson of a three-part series, Grady Frederick will discuss the design mentality you should have as you begin to think about your environment.

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3D Environment art of a temple entrance without textures applied

Environment Production – Part 1 – Planning a Game Environment

by Dekogon Studios and Stef Velzeboer

In the first part of the Environment Production series, Stef Velzeboer shows viewers where to begin when creating a game environment art project. He explains important project planning considerations, what to look for when collecting initial ideas, how to organize references, and how to block out a scene effectively with Maya and Unreal Engine. 

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Screenshots of Devon Fay's environment art course

3D Environment Illustration – Part 1 – Inspiration, Blockout, and Tools

by Devon Fay

With this three-part series, Devon Fay covers everything you need to know to create a 3D environment art illustration, from your initial inspiration all the way to a completed render. Devon begins the series with a look at turning your initial inspiration into a working idea. 

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