9 Amazing Additions For Your ArchViz Collection

Grow your catalog of archviz resources with these finds from the ArtStation Marketplace.

A dimly lit mansion

Unreal Engine House Project

by Waleed Nabeel

Shopping for a helpful archviz template? Look no further than Waleed’s “Unreal Engine House Project”. This resource has fully-dynamic lighting.

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Interior Architecture in Blender

by Jan Urschel 

Follow along with Jan Urschel as he reviews his approach for creating engaging interiors with realistic and cinematic lighting, materials, and design.

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Modern building exterior

Modern Villa 2021 Blender Eevee and Cycles 3 

by Dennis Wormgoor 

This download contains a furnished mansion and garden. Everything is textured and the lighting is completely baked for fast Eevee renders.

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Four roofs compared

ArchViz Roof tiles Pack | PBR compatible, 4K

by Isaac Zuren

A collection of six popular roof tiles from around the world. Created in Substance Designer and compatible with PBR render engines. Perfect for archviz, games, and film. 

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Interior living room with a view of a bedroom

Archviz Scene for Blender 2.8

by BD3D

BD3D’s carefully-crafted Blender scene can be used with both Cycles and Eevee.

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Interior living room

Vogem Living Room (Unreal Engine 4 / UE4)

by Orhan YILMAZ

Orhan’s scene includes 65 high-quality statics meshes, 129 textures, 3 base materials, and 136 material instances.

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An empty modern room

Unreal Engine | Archviz Bedroom Render Template | Dark Room 

by Wessel Huizenga

This high-quality scene is a perfect render template for your unique models. The scene comes with easy-to-tweak lighting, camera, and material setup.

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Large fantastical theatre

Hall of Grand – Project File

by Retro-Illusion

If opulence is your style, this grand theatre by Retro-Illusion is bound to suit you. Compatible with 3ds Max 2018 and above; requires Octane Render 4.

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A calm-looking bathroom

Sunny Bathroom

by Alireza Seifi

Alireza’s 3ds Max scene is ready for your own project and study use.

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