Last Weeks for CGMA Registration

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CGMA registration is closing on the 31st of January for the Winter Term. As a leading provider of online, digital arts education, CGMA provides access to some of the industry’s best artists with a single click. Students will learn the specific skills and techniques used in top studios to gain the most relevant information and education possible. Take a look at the extensive selection of courses brought to you by the industry’s best.

Should you have any questions regarding registration or portfolio review requests, please contact the CGMA Admissions Department.


Foundation and Design Courses

To establish and maintain a career in Entertainment Design, an artist needs a solid understanding of the field’s core principles, tools, and techniques. CGMA’s Foundation & Design Courses were created with this understanding at heart.

Foundation and Design Courses >

Character Design Courses

Character design is at the core of any entertainment project. This ranges from films and feature animation, to video games and children books. Their character design courses dive deeper into designing characters that tell a story, in the context of a production pipeline. Students will practice creating convincing character types that fit within a given narrative/world (whether they be stylized characters, realistic looking soldiers, or alien creatures).

Character Design Courses >

Environment Design Courses

Whether for the film, game, or animation industry, an environment artist draws on their imagination to create worlds that are believable and full of wonder. These courses range from foundational topics like Fundamentals of Architecture Design to more advanced courses such as Environment Painting and Design, where you can further develop an eye for the intricacies of environment design.

Environment Design Courses >

3D Character Arts Courses

Characters and creatures have the power to define a narrative project. Little wonder the role of character artist is often regarded as the most coveted in the CG industry. These courses were developed to give you the production skills you need to build exciting and believable characters and creatures for the film and game industries. Whether that is solidifying your foundational understanding of human and animal anatomy or helping you create fully-realized and production-ready characters.

3D Character Arts Courses >

3D Environment Arts Courses

The environment artist’s role is that of world builder. The mission is nothing less than to craft the spaces that will create a sense of immersion, help tell a story, and work hand-in-glove with level design and gameplay. Environment artists work at the vanguard of video game development, typically collaborating closely with level designers to visualize, build, and refine the 3D content that helps define aesthetic as well as gameplay flow.

 3D Environment Arts Courses >

Houdini | FX Courses

Imagine the power to control the elements: directing the flow of water, shaping smoke, or conjuring flames. What about the ability to micromanage the movement of a million tiny particles? Or, orchestrate the destruction of vehicles, buildings, and entire worlds? With a comprehensive suite of classes based around the film industry-standard tool Houdini, students of any level will learn how to master pyro and fluid effects, cloth, crowds, destruction, and more.

Houdini | FX Courses >

Character TD | Rigging Courses

CGMA’s in-depth Character TD | Rigging courses take students step-by-step through the tools and techniques used by animation, visual effects, and video game studios. With classes that emphasize practical work, students will learn how to build rigs for a wide variety of model and character types using the latest industry-standard methods.

Character TD | Rigging Courses >

Visual Storytelling & IP Development Courses

Storytelling lies at the heart of everything in the entertainment industry. Now, thanks to the billions of dollars invested in the creation of original content by the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, the demand for artists with a firm grasp of the art of storytelling is greater than ever. These courses will help ensure your images, concepts, and designs make an intellectual impact as well as an emotional one – successfully conveying ideas, concepts, and entire narratives with economic and creative flair.

Visual Storytelling & IP Development Courses >

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