CG Spectrum Celebrates Best Student Work of 2021

Artwork by CG Spectrum real-time 3D & virtual production student Marc Carratala Arce

It’s been quite a year for CG Spectrum’s students — they explored faraway lands, came face-to-face with unique and fascinating creatures, battled bad guys, and blew apart buildings. The best part? Many made a career out of it! CGS Alumni are now working at VFX and game studios like Pixar, MPC, Method Studios, Mr. X, Stormind Games, and thatgamecompany.

This could be you in 2022!

Some of the benefits of studying at CG Spectrum:

  • Flexible online career training
  • Personalized feedback from industry mentors
  • Active, supportive online community
  • Software licenses included
  • Expert career advice and guidance

Here’s a rundown of courses for those looking to start their next career adventure!

Virtual Production

CG Spectrum is an Unreal Authorized Training Center and Unreal Academic Partner offering real-time 3D and virtual production courses led by professional real-time artists.

Using industry tools like Unreal Engine, Maya, Motionbuilder, and Substance Painter, students learn to create spectacular 3D environments populated with digital humans, and graduate with a film-quality cinematic shot for their portfolio.

 World building in Unreal Engine: Work by CG Spectrum students Marc Carratala Arce and Benjamin Oman

3D Modeling

CG Spectrum’s 3D modeling courses teach the skills to become a 3D modeler for film and games. Students learn complex digital sculpting and texturing techniques as they work on 3D characters, creatures, weapons, props, and environments using ZBrush, Maya, and Substance Painter.

Alongside a curriculum focused on building a strong portfolio and getting studio-ready, students gain valuable industry insights from their mentors, top 3D artists with years of experience working on major films and games.

3D character model by student Michelle Vue


Also an Authorized Toon Boom Training Center, CG Spectrum offers a range of specialized 2D and 3D online animation courses that teach industry-standard software like Autodesk Maya and Toon Boom Harmony.

Students learn how to animate from scratch, starting with the essential 12 Principles of Animation and basic animation exercises such as the bouncing ball and walk cycle, and advance to more complex creature and character animation. Industry mentors, who’ve worked at major studios such as Disney, Ubisoft, ILM, Sony, and EA, guide them every step of the way.

Still of 3D Animation by CGS student Paulius Dambrauskas

Digital Painting

Led by professional artists, CG Spectrum’s specialized online digital painting courses prepare students for an exciting career as a concept artist or illustrator for film, video games, trading card games, the publishing industry, and more!

Students discover how to plan, develop, and present compelling industry-standard artwork using Adobe Photoshop, by first mastering art fundamentals such as color, value, and light, perspective drawing and anatomy. They can then choose to further specialize with the advanced illustration course or concept art course.

Beowulf illustration by CGS student Oliver Harbour

Visual Effects

For people interested in FX or compositing, CG Spectrum’s visual effects courses are ideal for both beginners and established artists wanting to upgrade their skills or switch specialties. Mentored by VFX artists who have worked on blockbuster films, students can learn how to seamlessly integrate green screen footage with digital assets using Nuke in the compositing courses, or they can take one of the Houdini FX courses, and create mind-blowing explosions, destruction, and water simulations. CG Spectrum is proudly a SideFX Houdini Certified School.

FX by CGS student Ivan Bolonić. Watch the full Houdini FX student showcase

Game Development

CG Spectrum’s online game development courses show students how to turn their ideas into actual playable games. In the game programming course, students learn C++ and build their own game with an interactive character using Unreal Engine. They create levels with materials, terrain, and gameplay elements, and explore more advanced lessons in character animations, cinematics, particle effects, serialization, loading, and streaming levels.

Using AAA case studies, the game design course covers how to develop and launch fun and monetizable games. Students learn to build immersive game levels, combine gameplay systems to create engaging experiences, create professional game design documents and discover how to pitch their game.

 Risa Leifar by CGS student Jake Baker

Whether students enroll straight out of high school, are changing careers, or upgrading their skills, CG Spectrum provides direct access to industry experts who have worked at major studios, a job-focused curriculum, and personalized career development support to help their students build the skills and confidence to pursue a fulfilling career in film and games.

Get industry-ready in 2022! Explore film and game courses and apply today.

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