9 ArtStation Learning Series for Game Artists

Celebrate ArtStation Game Week 2021 with this roundup of nine ArtStation Learning series for game artists.

Hand-Painted Icons for Games

by Randall Mackey

Randall Mackey has designed and illustrated hundreds of icons for games, including League of Legends, Smite, and Paladins. Learn the fundamentals of icon creation for games from an expert!

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Hand-Painted Textures for Stylized 3D Characters

by Yekaterina Bourykina

Yekaterina Bourykina demonstrates her approach for making hand-painted character textures, using her character created for The Legend of King Arthur Challenge as an example.

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Art of Tabletop Games

With Andrew Bosley

Learn what it takes to work in the unique and field of tabletop gaming in this interview-style course with Andrew Bosley. Find out how to work with stakeholders of a game to create illustrations that fit the needs of each specific project, and discover Andrew’s insights for finding success.

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Creating a AAA Game Asset

by Emiel Sleegers

In this seven-part course, Emiel Sleegers covers the creation of a real-time environment asset from start to finish.

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Realistic Prop Tutorial

by Joe Seabuhr

This course is focused on making a realistic prop with the same quality that you would see in most AAA games. Joe will be walking you through each step in the process of creating a prop so that you can get an understanding of his thoughts and ideas as he progresses towards the end product.

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Organic Texturing for Games

by Rico Cilliers

Rico Cilliers walks the viewer through an organic, non-hard surface texturing workflow in Quixel Mixer. In part one he reviews how to bake down your high-poly mesh into a low-poly one with Marmoset Toolbag. In the second part, he dives into Mixer’s unique and powerful texturing tools, including Quixel scan data, custom procedural layers, and sculpted heightmaps.

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Weapons in Fusion 360

by Duard Mostert

Duard Mostert shows how CAD software like Fusion 360 can be used to model an AR-15 weapons system. Topics such as reference setup, sketching inside of Fusion, blockouts, general weapon system knowledge, and a wide array of Fusion tools are discussed. Viewers will not only build a solid foundational approach for modeling inside of Fusion, but they will also have a rifle that is ready for their games or VFX needs.

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Creating Real-Time VFX in Unreal Using Substance Designer

by Bruno Afonseca

Bruno shows how to leverage Substance Designer in the creation of real-time VFX in Unreal Engine. Viewers will learn how to use the full range of tools available for making shapes, noises, and creating complex materials and particle systems. By the end of the series, viewers will learn how to recreate a magic healing spell visual effect.

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Advanced UE4 Shaders

by Kurt Kupser

In this series, Kurt Kupser demonstrates advanced shader techniques used in AAA production, including key pipeline skills such as detail normals, correctly handling refraction, and effective ways to achieve translucency.

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