What’s New on ArtStation Learning – 27/05/21

Read on to discover the latest ArtStation Learning content along with this week’s #ArtStationLearning artwork highlight!

Illuminating a 2D Illustration in Procreate

By Julia Körner 

Julia Körner (Dyru) provides a process review for a magical illustration created using Procreate. See how she starts with rough sketch lines, explores color tests, establishes a mood board, builds lighting in a scene, works with transparency, and more. Julia also dives into her decision-making process, helping viewers transfer demonstrated techniques to their own projects in a thoughtful way.

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How I Became a Rogue Architect with Keely Colcleugh


Keely Colcleugh studied architecture in college, but after falling in with a group of renegade architects-turned-VFX-architects, she decided to create her own company. Her work has expanded to include projects that aren’t necessarily architectural, but still carry an understanding of how space defines the experience.

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My Trek Into Illustration and Fine Art with Tran Nguyen


Discover Tran Nguyen’s thoughts on the importance of pursuing a personal narrative and learn how she approaches building a freelance career in this talk for THU TV. Tran revisits her early life, what initially inspired her to pursue a career path in commercial illustration and fine art, and how she first got started in her profession. She touches on eight years of work for editorial, advertising, gallery, and book illustration clients.

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#ArtStationLearning Artwork Highlight

Artwork by Alessandro Pivetta with help from Javier Perez‘s ArtStation Learning series, Creating a Modular Sci-Fi Environment Using Substance Designer.

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