What’s New on ArtStation Learning – 19/05/21

From painting to portraits, there’s plenty of new course topics from THU TV to discover on ArtStation Learning!

3D Portrait Tutorial with Ian Spriggs


In this masterclass, artist Ian Spriggs reviews his workflow for the “Portrait of Sean Frandsen”. He reviews taking photo references, correctly setting up cameras in Maya, focusing on anatomy sculpting in Mudbox, setting up basic shaders, and focusing on details for creating a realistic likeness.

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Between Accidental and Controlled Creation: Painting Demonstration with David Levy


Learn how David Levy balances accidental and controlled creation techniques to make compelling designs in this live digital painting demonstration.

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Sustaining a Production Art Career with David Levy


How can one stay relevant in an ever-changing industry? Hear career insights from David Levy, a designer with decades of experience in the entertainment industry. David shares both positive experiences and pitfalls in order to help viewers establish their own career visions.

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#ArtStationLearning Artwork Highlight

Artwork by 3D Character Artist Timofey Ruchka.

Duard Mostert‘s tutorial “Fusion for Games” really helped me to discover hard surface modeling.

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