NVIDIA Studio and AI in Creative Apps Save Serious Time and Money

You’ve heard the saying, time is money.

Yet nobody seems to bring this mindset to creative workflows.

We should! Whether you’re a freelancer battling deadlines, a creative professional with an overbearing boss (we’ve all been there) or a content creator who doesn’t want to spend all night on tedious tasks.

80% of repetitive creative workflows are repetitive. Truth.

That’s where AI comes in.

GPUs Power Content Creation

Modern creative apps are GPU-accelerated, so if you have a discrete graphics card—separate from the CPU and dedicated to visuals—tasks requiring significant computational power will likely be faster.

New AI-powered features rely on this newly existing technology. GPUs are more capable of powering these features. AI tools used properly can remove the repetitive from creative workflows.

Ergo, creators with GPUs have a tremendous speed advantage over creators who don’t. If you can finish tasks twice as quickly, that’s more time to experiment and focus on creativity, instead of tech.

Let’s run down some of the most popular AI features and some you may not have even heard of.

Raise The Visual Quality Bar

Adobe Photoshop user? You’re in luck.

  • Super Resolution — available in Adobe Photoshop through Camera Raw and coming to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic this summer, this feature improves an image’s quality by boosting its apparent resolution. Suddenly a 10 MP photo can feel 40 MP perfect.

Try Super Resolution and experience a dramatic difference in visual quality.

Meanwhile you can take advantage of an existing Adobe Lightroom feature.

  • Enhance Details — this feature sharpens and improves image quality quality, up to 5x faster on NVIDIA GPUs.

Spend Less Time in The Editing Bay

Adobe Premiere Pro has some serious AI tricks up its sleeve:

  • Auto Reframe — automatically keep the most important part of your shot in frame when reformatting various social media sizes.
  • Scene Edit Detection — quickly detect and tag cuts in final video files to remove long editing sessions just to make edits by hand.
  • NVIDIA hardware encoder — technically not AI, but creators with an NVIDIA GPU can export video up to 5x faster. Forget the stat, what does that mean in real-world time saved?

Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 17 has AI-powered features that are fantastic for power users:

  • Magic Mask — add and remove strokes and automatic tracking with the power of AI.
  • Smart Reframe — edits widescreen HD video into square or vertical versions by detecting and tracking objects keeping them in frame, replacing the need to do this manually.
  • Scene Cut Detection — analyze timeline content and apply blade edits to isolate each scene.

3D Animation Domination

Blender is the most popular open source 3D creation suite in the world. Of course they have an AI feature.

  • AI-powered denoising — a process that predicts final images from partially rendered results while designing in the viewport. This allows users to explore new ideas and quickly iterate on design choices with full confidence in how it will turn out.

Built to Broadcast

The new NVIDIA Broadcast App steals the show with ridiculous quality and performance in your favorite streaming apps.

And whether you’re leading a video conferencing call or streaming live, the app offers powerful AI-Powered effects.

  • Noise Removal – loud keyboard typing, microphone static and untimely dog barking interrupting your video chats are a thing of the past.
  • Virtual Background – customize your background without expensive equipment or perfect lighting, plus greenscreen effects to personalize your webcam.

Get the Know-how From Experts 

Discover more ways to create using AI features with the NVIDIA Studio YouTube channel.

Built by creators for creators, it’s loaded with step-by-step tutorials from renowned artists, inspiring community showcases and much more.

Plus new videos every week!

NVIDIA Studio Drivers

If you own a PC with an NVIDIA GPU you’re getting free software that optimizes your favorite apps and supercharges your creative workflows.

NVIDIA Studio Drivers are released monthly and built specifically for creators, tested extensively against top creative apps and workflows.

In fact, the March Studio Driver is available today, adding support for the recent app updates that include all these AI-powered features.

Drivers can be downloaded through GeForce Experience or from the driver download page.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Let AI handle the repetitive so you can focus on what matters; creating, inspiring, ultimately fulfilling your creative ambition.

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