Marketplace Success Story:
Milad Kambari

In this Marketplace Success Story interview, Milad Kambari shares how his commitment to his craft and desire to stay creative translate into a thriving ArtStation Marketplace store.

Three 3D renders of leather bags

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Discovering the 3D World

Milad first became captivated by 3D technology when he discovered a website hosting a 3D simulation project that virtually restored the Persepolis. At the time he didn’t have access to development hardware or educational resources, so he visited the website regularly, studying its animations and renderings. A year later and with the help of a friend, he was finally able to jump into AutoCAD and 3ds Max. “After that, I fell in love with the 3D world,” Milad told us.

Image of the Persepolis

Today, Milad offers his own take on the Persepolis with his store’s texture pack. Find it here >

Milad’s Start on the ArtStation Marketplace

In 2018 Milad encountered the ArtStation Marketplace and was struck by its modern design that was both customer and seller-friendly. Milad shared with us that the ease of joining the ArtStation Marketplace and its respect for the seller’s needs were key motivators for him to join.

There were other marketplaces, but their facilities and features were much older than the ArtStation Marketplace. When the most basic needs of a digital marketplace are not provided, one cannot expect very high sales. It’s very important to me that a marketplace gives good features to the salesperson.

3D rendered fabric

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Now working in the world of 3D product development and sales with his friend Mehdi Beheshti, Milad also realizes the importance of having a solid marketing and sales strategy in place to support his Marketplace products.

Selling is much more than producing a digital product. If you do not consider the buyer’s needs and do not communicate well with your customers, you will not have good sales.

ArtStation Pro users like Milad who sell on the ArtStation Marketplace have access to unique marketing-friendly features like coupons and store integration on their ArtStation website. Milad also believes that “after the Marketplace itself, the best place to advertise a product on social media is YouTube and Vimeo, which can significantly impact your sales.”

Screenshot of Milad's integrated store on his portfolio website

Milad has integrated his store into his ArtStation portfolio website. See it here >

Process is Key

A core part of how Milad develops his overall strategy for success is through a controlled research and development process. He always makes sure to leave sufficient time for market analysis before committing to a product idea.

The process we use to produce a product is exciting. We think for one to two months; we research and plan in advance, and in the end, we make the product with the best quality.

Staying focused on his customer’s needs keeps Milad on track, competitive, and excited about his future releases.

Although a vast number of other products have been made…the market is enormous because software becomes more innovative and stronger day by day. The needs of users are changing daily. We try to find our customers’ needs by analyzing the market.

Three 3D renders of clay bull figures
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Always Looking Forward

Milad shares that his biggest motivation moving forward is to stay competitive by keeping his store products innovative, including a line of products currently in-queue for release. As a final word, he cautions other Marketplace sellers from copying popular products. Instead, he suggests figuring out what will make their unique offerings stand out.

“As soon as a product becomes trendy, a vast population copies the same product, and it becomes an inferior copy when there is no creativity in its production. It only helps the first person as an advertisement.”

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