9 Dragon Assets for You to Treasure

We’ve gathered nine assets on the ArtStation Marketplace that will help you develop your next 2D or 3D dragon project.

Scales Maker: 250 ZBrush Brushes, 50 Alphas, and 10 Surface Patterns

by Artistic Squad

This product contains several useful tools for detailing, sculpting, and painting all kinds of scales. Get 250 ZBrush brushes for shaping, texturing, and polypainting; 50 PSD Alphas; a video tutorial; and much more!

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CGSphere Dragon Kit VDM Brushes + Model ZTL

by CG Sphere

This asset pack will help you achieve highly-detailed dragon and creature skins in ZBrush 2021.

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The Ultimate Dragon Scale VDM Brush Pack 2

by Kurtis Dawe

Kurtis Dawe’s sequel to The Ultimate Dragon Scale VDM Chisel Brush Pack 1 introduces 17 new VDMs. A free video tutorial is also available upon request.

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Dragon + Wyvern Base Meshes

by Nicolas Swijngedau

This pack includes two low-poly base meshes of a dragon and a wyvern. Each model has polygroups on each SubTool for easy posing. Load them up, scale, pose to your liking and start sculpting.

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How to Make Your Dragon – Workshop

by Jesse Sandifer

Jesse walks you through the design and sculpting process for making a dragon so that you can create your own. Learn about mythical creature anatomy, explore designs, and create fine details!

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Dragon Bundle

by Zsolt Kosa

Find 200+ Photoshop brushes at an incredible discount in this mega bundle. These brushes will help you paint your next dragon’s skin, scales, and horns.

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Justin Gerard’s Dragon Set. Volume 2: Painting & Mixer Brushes for Photoshop

by Justin Gerard

Looking to capture a natural feeling in your next artwork? Justin Gerard’s Illustration Brush Sets have been developed to give illustrators digital tools that simulate the look and feel of traditional painting and drawing. They represent a decade of trial and error and fine-tuning.

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Dragon Generator – ZBrush IMM Brush and Two Posed Fully Textured Dragon Models

by Valentin Oana

This package contains two IMM brushes that will help you make a custom dragon inside ZBrush. The two brushes create a low-poly version for the dragon and can be used to generate any pose you like, already mapped and game-ready.

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Rig Anything With Rigify – Auto Rigging in Blender

by Todor Nikolov (Toshicg/CGDive)

Do you find rigging in Blender difficult? With this asset pack, you’ll learn how to rig just about any character, including a dragon in the asset’s Module 3: Advanced Rigging Sessions.

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