9 Reliable Rendering Tutorials

Its time to start rendering your project, but oh no, you need some help. Look no further, you’ve come across the treasure trove of rendering tutorials.

Keyshot Rendering for Characters

by Spicer McLeroy

In this tutorial, I go over my thoughts and process to achieve stunning results using Keyshot and very little post-processing.

I go over the 3 basic lighting principles, how light is used in classic fantasy art,  how to set them up in Keyshot quickly, and rendering workflows. I also show you how I made composited the promotional image. NOT ONLY THAT, but I also give you all my materials and HDRIs used in my most popular images. I hope this helps you out and look forward to seeing your new renders!

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How to render character with photoshop tools

by Sasha Tudvaseva

Pack includes:

  • Full 2x speed video process
  • Full PSD with all layers
  • PDF Step by step with explanations
  • A few tips for creating juicy effects

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Marmoset Toolbag 3 – Render Template

by Emre Karabacak

This project includes a Marmoset Toolbag 3 Render Template Scene.

Pack includes:

  • MarmosetToolbag 3 Scene with Pre-Lighting
  • Backdrop FBX file

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Creating realistic garment in for games & realtime render. Complete process from modeling to texturing

by Marianna Yakimova

This tutorial consists of  4 videos to demonstrate the whole process to create a cloth asset for games or real-time render presentation. Marianna will guide you and explain methods used to model an outfit in Marvelous Designer, sculpting in Zbrush,  retop in Maya, texturing in Substance Painter. Video has a written explanation and is easy to follow.

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Brad Rigney’s Rendering Process & Tricks Of The Trade

by Brad Rigney

Join concept artist Brad Rigney as he details his rendering process, and shares some tips and insights from his 20+ year career in the entertainment art industry.

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Improve your rendering – Video tutorial

by Yaşar VURDEM

Rendering and blending is the most important thing in digital paintings. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn about strategies, ways to make it a look more practical and tips and tricks about blending colors. This 42-minute tutorial will improve your 2D rendering skills.

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by Anthony Jones

Render, render, render. Oh how tedious it can be. In this video tutorial, Anthony talks you through strategies to make it a lot more practical and how to push through to reach better results in your paintings.

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Painting/Rendering metal in photoshop

by Naranbaatar Ganbold

In this tutorial, the artist shares how they paint metal material in Photoshop.
Videos are a combination of real-time and speed up with notes and text commentary.

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Character Color/Render for beginners

by Cristina Cid

This tutorial is a great beginner guide on how to color and render characters. Best of all, it’s a great price!

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