What’s New on ArtStation Learning – 10/06/21

Dive into two new series and one new course on ArtStation Learning with this week’s content roundup!

Wacom Tips & Tricks for Maya, ZBrush, & Photoshop


Discover the versatility of the Wacom Cintiq in both 2D and 3D workflows! Artists José Alves da Silva, Rob Redman, and Marc Simonetti demonstrate their processes for using the creative pen display in ZBrush, Maya, and Photoshop respectively. Pick up practical tricks for your next digital art project.

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Creating a Viking Scene

by Jonathan Benainous

Are you ready to take your texturing to the next level? Learn how to create highly-detailed hard surface materials with Jonathan Benainous, an Environment Texture Artist with 15 years of game industry experience. Throughout this three-part series, Jonathan demonstrates intermediate and advanced techniques for material creation with Substance Designer. By the end of the series, viewers will be able to achieve a high-quality scene using only displacement and real-time rendering with Marmoset Toolbag.

Start the series by learning how to craft textures for an ornate Viking sword using Substance Designer. You’ll continue to grow your arsenal in the second part of the series by making shield textures with Substance Designer, and conclude your learning by using Marmoset Toolbag to create a realistic, real-time composition.

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The Art of Direction

by Ron Ashtiani

In this series, Ron Ashtiani presents lessons learned from his 24-year-long career crafting compelling art direction for games (Mortal Kombat X) and movies (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers). In sharing how to develop a unique visual style, Ron talks about understanding target audiences, gathering references, presenting to a team, managing artists, and more. The series is based on Ron’s forthcoming book The Art of Direction, to be published by ArtStation Media.

In part one, explore high-level concepts behind art directing, important terminology, and the role of the art director in developing and communicating a style. Ron also uses Guardians of the Galaxy as an illustrative case study. In part two, take a deeper dive into the decision-making process of the art director. Discover how to balance commercial and artistic decisions, explore different management styles, and learn effective communication methods.

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#ArtStationLearning Artwork Highlight by Ítalo Barbosa

Ítalo Barbosa crafted this VFX study with help from Bruno Afonseca‘s ArtStation Learning series, Creating Real-Time VFX in Unreal Using Substance Designer.

#ArtStationLearning Artwork Highlight by [your name here]

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