Art Posters Released & New ArtStation Prints Facility!

We have two major announcements about ArtStation Prints!

Art Posters

We are super thrilled to be releasing ArtStation Art Posters! These are incredible quality art poster products at an economical price point.

When we released ArtStation Prints earlier this year, the feedback we got was that customers are looking for a very high quality art print product at an economical price point. Based on feedback, we started looking at producing poster products that would be aggressively priced and have a high quality finish.

When you think of posters, you usually think of mass produced movie posters on lightweight papers. Most posters are printed on offset (if you have a large enough run) or digital printers. When we looked at the quality of posters from other vendors and marketplaces, we weren’t completely satisfied. We felt that to do justice to the artworks, we needed to offer something with much higher quality.

That’s why we’re excited about the release of Art Posters. ArtStation Art Posters are giclee printed with archival inks on heavy 240gsm premium satin paper. It’s definitely a step above the standard poster. The result is a stunningly beautiful, vibrant, high quality art poster that you can proudly display at exhibitions, at the office or at home. Frankly, they look stunning and are accessible in terms of price point. ArtStation Art Posters are priced economically so that more fans can buy prints and support artists.

ArtStation Art Posters are giclee printed with genuine archival inks on premium satin papers.

How it works for artists

If you’re already selling prints on ArtStation, your prints have already been automatically made available as Art Posters. Woohoo! You don’t have to do anything!

If you’re not already selling prints on ArtStation, give it a go! Upload your work here.

New ArtStation Prints Production Facility

When we released ArtStation Prints earlier in the year, we were heavily focused on enabling artists to sell prints via their ArtStation profiles and websites. It has worked great and many artists have enjoyed being able to integrate their portfolios with the ease of selling prints on ArtStation.

As ArtStation Prints evolved, we knew that we needed to differentiate and start offering extremely high quality art print products. Because of this, we moved our print facility to one where we have a much higher degree of control over the product selection and quality.

At the new ArtStation Prints facility, we have a much higher degree of control over product selection, quality and processes. Customers can expect much higher production quality and shipping.

As we move forward with ArtStation Prints, our focus is going to be on being positioned as the highest quality art prints in the industry. The best part is that artists don’t have to worry about anything. You can just upload your work to ArtStation Prints, start selling and be confident that the quality of product being delivered to customers is the absolute best representation of your work as prints.

Even how we ship products has changed. By having more direct control over the entire process, we’re now able to properly brand and package the prints being shipped out. Art Posters and Art Prints are carefully rolled and shipped in super tough tubes worldwide. Canvases are carefully bubble wrapped and boxed to send within US/Canada (yes we’re looking at Europe/APAC in the future).

How prints are packaged and shipped also is taking a big step forward. Better, stronger packaging to protect the contents and overall better priced shipping.

I am personally excited about where ArtStation Prints is going. In the next few weeks, you’ll see a full upgrade of the Prints section on the website, and also the release of another high end print product. 🙂

Me being very excited about our new ArtStation Prints facility. The quality of our print products are truly world class.

Behind the Scenes Videos

We’ve created some behind the scenes videos for Canvas Prints and Art Prints!

Canvas Prints

Art Prints

Questions? Comments? Give us a shout!

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