Sasha Tudvaseva – Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Sasha Tudvaseva is a concept artist from Russia. She started doing her first commissions and small art jobs as young as 16 years old and found a job working in games straight out of school. Though she recommends working in studio as a way to improve your skill and gain understanding of how the game industry works, she eventually transitioned to outsourcing from home and working freelance for convenience.

Today, Tudvaseva is not only a successful freelance artist with clients like Blizzard Entertainment but she’s also a budding entrepreneur and the creator of a top selling tutorial on the ArtStation Marketplace.

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On Getting Your Work Noticed

No stranger to social media, the young artist has amassed tens of thousands of followers on not only ArtStation but Tumblr and Instagram as well. Still, she warns that while having a large following is great, having a strong portfolio is what really matters.

“All my clients found me from my ArtStation portfolio so be sure to keep your portfolio updated and fresh and you will be found. Don’t forget that unique styles and a lot of followers is cool but an absolute must-have is that you show everything you’re capable of in your portfolio. Delete old works and keep only the best.”

Tudvaseva says that if that alone is working for you, entering Challenges is another good way to interact with others and receive more attention for your work. You benefit even if you don’t win.

Selling on the ArtStation Marketplace

After being repeatedly asked for tutorials from her followers, she finally decided to create one and post it on ArtStation. Her first tutorial on how to render a character in Photoshop goes over some of her favorite tricks and daily workflow.

Much to her surprise, it did so well it that it made it to the top of the Best Selling tab within a couple weeks.

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“I posted my tutorial on other places but I found that ArtStation is the most convenient site for searching tutorials. All you need is to go to the Store tab from your favorite artist and buy it.”

ArtStation’s large existing community make it the easiest place both to discover products and have your products discovered.

With all the positive feedback she received from her first tutorial, Tudvaseva shares she will likely do another one on drawing techniques for beginners when she gets a chance.

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Her final advice for aspiring freelance artists?

“That’s easy. Don’t overwork and don’t forget to have fun!”

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