Dreaming in Mech: The Art of Nivanh Chanthara – Now Available for Preorder

Explore a futuristic universe where robots take the forefront and plunge you into a post-apocalyptic world of the unknown.

Today, we’re happy to announce the third art book of the ArtStation Media collection, Dreaming in Mech: The Art of Nivanh Chanthara.

Nivanh Chanthara has lived and breathed concept design for more than 20 years. A lifelong passion for mechs and dedication to his craft has fuelled his journey from graffiti artist to designer of iconic creations in TV, game and film. Dreaming in Mech: The Art of Nivanh Chanthara presents a remarkable body of work exploring mech, cyborg and vehicle designs from sketches to finished concepts, and reveals Nivanh’s creative strategies in a series of illustration and photobash breakdowns. 

For the first time, you can now preorder the book and be one of the first to get it in your hands before the global release.

Preorder Now

Preorders are only available to customers with a shipping address in the United States and Canada. International shipping will be available via Amazon at the time of the book’s global release in early April. 

“Dreaming in Mech is a huge milestone for me which collects over a decade’s work. I love the production quality of ArtStation’s art books and honestly I feel like my artwork looks better on the page than it looks on screen! ” – Nivanh Chanthara

About Dreaming in Mech

The hardcover edition is complete with:

    • Original artwork by Nivanh Chanthara
    • Step-by-step tutorials
    • 1 Exclusive 22cm (w) x 29.5cm (h) Print
    • Branding and Publication Design by Brent Ashe
    • Foreword by 123 Klan

Bundle & Save

Become a collector and save when you get all 3 ArtStation Media hardcover art books (Project 77, Howling at the Moon & Dreaming in Mech) as a bundle.

Preorder the Bundle

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