ArtStation Marketplace in Alpha

Our goal at ArtStation has always been about showcasing outstanding work and creating opportunities for artists. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that you will soon be able to monetize your work on ArtStation with our upcoming marketplace!

While it’s all still in the works, we’ve just deployed the Alpha version. We have asked a  small group of Alpha sellers  to set up storefronts and we invite you to check them out, browse, and see how they work. You can actually  buy the digital products by adding them to your cart and seeing the file show up in your library right after the purchase has been made. Access to sell on the marketplace will soon be available in Beta to all Pro members.

As the largest community platform for artists in the industry, what better place to set up your shop?

How It Works

Artists will be able to sell digital products from their ArtStation profile and their portfolio website. The Product Manager will be simple and easy to use – very similar to the portfolio manager.  A Sales Report and Payout & Earnings tab will also be available for users to track their performance and revenue.

Alpha Sellers

Jonas Ronnegard

Travis Davids

Philipp Schmidt 

Neil Blevins 

Suzanne Helmigh 

Kyle Horwood 

Lee Souder 

Josh Lynch

Randall Mackey

Christopher Desse

Antoine Collignon

Kurt Papstein 

Jeremy Estrellado

Warren Marshall

Emiel Sleegers


Note: The ArtStation Marketplace is in alpha. Details are still being worked on. Generally, the following is what we’re working towards, but can change if necessary.

What will I be able to sell on ArtStation?

At first, any digital downloadable products: Tutorials, 3D models, Brushes, Materials & Substances, HDRI’s, Stock Photos, Tools. Later, print on demand goods.

How will it work?

You’ll be able to manage products on your ArtStation. Products can be sold via your ArtStation-powered custom portfolio website and via ArtStation’s community marketplace and user profiles.

This provides the best of both worlds. Many of you already have a portfolio website powered by ArtStation that is custom branded and has your own domain name. On your website, you will have a store to sell your products. In addition to that, your products can also be sold via the ArtStation community, which has tremendous reach.

Confused about the difference between your ArtStation website and ArtStation community? Read this.

What’s the main advantage of using ArtStation over say… another digital downloader service or marketplace?

ArtStation has a community of 3.4+ million monthly users and is rapidly growing. It is ranked 753 on Alexa (it’s the 753rd most popular site on the Internet) making it one of the most popular sites in the world. This large user base enables ArtStation to market your art and products to many more people than you could reach on your own.

It also simplifies things for artists. Currently, artists are using ArtStation for their portfolios, a digital downloader service to sell digital goods, and a prints marketplace to sell prints. That’s three different systems. Our end-goal with ArtStation was always to provide an all-in-one portfolio and e-commerce solution for artists, with a social platform for for discoverability and the ability to reach a large audience.

Is this a store front system (I bring my own customers)? or a marketplace system (that will help you market your goods)?

Both. ArtStation already offers the best of both worlds. You’ve got your ArtStation-powered website which is your own custom-branded portfolio. Your ArtStation-powered website will soon have e-commerce capabilities, enabling you to sell digital downloads and print-on-demand goods. And your products can also be listed on the ArtStation marketplace, which reaches millions of users.

This is similar to how artwork and blogging currently works on ArtStation. When you post artwork or blog entries, they are presented on both your ArtStation-powered website and the community.

What kind of cut will artists get?

  • Up to 95% when selling via your ArtStation-powered portfolio website (you’re bringing your own customers).
  • Up to 80% when selling via the ArtStation community (we’re providing the marketing to millions of users worldwide).

Who will be able to sell on ArtStation?

At this time, the marketplace is in private alpha to select users. Soon, it will be released in Beta to all Pro members.

Will I be able to sell my own products that I ship? / Will I be able to sell stuff that I fulfill myself such as my own mentorship courses?

Not at this time. In a marketplace, ArtStation acts as the intermediary between sellers and buyers. Because of this and the risks involved with running a marketplace, for now we are focusing mainly on goods where ArtStation has control over the fulfilment.

Will I be able to sell my own subscription like on Patreon?

Not at this time.

Will I be able to sell prints/print-on-demand goods?

We are working on this.

Will there be a marketplace homepage where I can browse items from all artists selling? See top sellers, have reviews, ratings, etc.

Yes. This is in the works.

How will artists get paid?

Direct deposit to your bank account.

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