1 Week Left to Register for CG Master Academy!

The Winter 2018 registration period for CGMA, the leading online art school, is coming to an end in just 1 week. CGMA has been providing an affordable and accessible route to interactive learning for students across all times zones for almost a decade. Professionals from acclaimed studios are amongst the growing CGMA student body with other students that may be early in their digital art careers. It’s amazing that students are not just learning from the best but are also rubbing shoulders (virtually speaking) with other professionals.

The academy serves artists across multiple disciplines to ensure students gain invaluable insight into the concepts and workflows used at professional studios worldwide. While CGMA’s top mentees have gone on to produce some of the most iconic and innovative work the industry has seen, it’s common for some to come back each term for course offerings that reflect the latest techniques and practices shaping our ever-evolving computer graphics industry.

What follows are the courses and programs available today, with start dates the first week of February. Registration is ending soon with individual payment plans available for each course. Get in touch now to discuss registration, find out more, or make a portfolio review request – either via email at registration@cgmasteracademy.com or by phone on (818) 561 9542.


Perspective with Kalen Chock –  5 Seats Available!

Perspective with Robert St. Pierre3 Seats Available!

Perspective with Scott Caple5 Seats Available!

Perspective with Poe Tan5 Seats Available!

Dynamic Sketching 1 with Peter HanFULL!

Dynamic Sketching 1 with Patrick BallestrosFULL!

Dynamic Sketching 1 with Dzu Nguyen3 Seats Available!

Dynamic Sketching 2 with Peter Han2 Seats Available!

Dynamic Sketching 2 with Patrick Ballestros2 Seats Available!

Fundamentals of Design with Tyler Edlin4 seats available!

Digital Painting with David Merrit4 Seats Available!

The Art of Color and Light with Kristy Kay3 Seats Available!

The Art of Color and Light with Marco BucciFULL!

Analytical Figure Drawing with Christian Nacoda3 Seats Available!

Analytical Figure Drawing with Ron Lemen3 Seats Available!

Analytical Figure Drawing with Rey Bustos6 Seats Available!

Animal Drawing with Shannon Beaumont3 Seats Available!


Fundamental of Environment Design with Teodor Hueala5 Seats Available!

Environment Design 1 with Aaron Limonick2 Seats Available!

Environment Design 2 with Gilles Beloeil4 Seats Available!

Environment Sketching for Production with Patrick Raines7 Seats Available!

Fundamentals of Architecture Design with Tyler Edlin3 Seats Available!

Visual Development Mentorship with Armand Serrano –  5 Seats Available!

Matte Painting with Eric Bouffard 7 Seats Available!

Drawing and Rendering Techniques for Hardware Design with Michal Kus5 Seats Available!


Art Direction for Character Designers with Nate Wragg 4 Seats Available!

Character Design for Film and Games with Marco Nelor2 Seats Available!

Digital Portrait Painting with Melanie Delon2 Seats Available!

Creature Design for Film and Games with Bobby Rebholz6 Seats Available!

Costume Design with Clayton Stillwell7 Seats Available!

Fundamentals of Character Design with Brett Bean2 Seats Available!

Storyboarding for Animation with Mark Walton4 Seats Available!

Character Design for Animation with Nate Wragg3 Seats Available!

Character Design for Production with Nate Wragg7 Seats Available!

Anatomy of Clothing with Ron Lemen – 3 Seats Available!

Head Drawing and Construction with Christian Nacorda4 Seats Available!


Figure Drawing: Anatomy of Style with Patrick Jones – 3 Seats Available!

The Art of Composition with Mauricio Abril – 4 Seats Available!

Comics: The Art of Storytelling with Miki MontlloFULL!

3D Programs

Environment Program

Elective Classes

Live Demo Reel Workshops

Character Program


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