Private messaging launched

Today we’re happy to be launching private messaging features on ArtStation!

ArtStation members can now communicate with one another directly on the platform. You can start a conversation by visiting an artist’s profile and clicking on the Message button.

Separating Business and General Messages

ArtStation messaging enables you to decide what kind of messages that you want to receive. You can decide to receive all messsages, only business enquiries, or no messages at all if you wish. You can change your settings on your Messages Settings screen.

Let people know what you’re interested in with an Intro

On your Messages Settings screen, you can also add an Intro that people will see when they message you. For example, if you’re only accepting certain kinds of freelance work, You can let people know with the Intro.

Retiring the Hire Me button

We’re officially retiring the “Hire me” button now. We’ve transitioned all the messages over to this new messaging system, so any messages that other users had sent you before will appear in your messages inbox.

How we’re preventing spam and abuse

With this initial release, we’ve implemented blocking and abuse reporting. We’re also implementing rate limiting, that prevents people from mass sending messages. If people are abusing the system and sending you unwanted messages, please report abuse so that we can take further action.

Beta release

This is our initial version released as Beta, with many more improvements coming out. More features are on the way to improve things:

  • Search
  • Archive & Delete
  • Realtime Messaging
  • Moving conversations between Business and General

Got feedback? We’d love to hear it

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reach out to us via

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About the author

Leo is the CEO of ArtStation.