NetherRealm Studios Injustice 2 Art Blast

“Injustice 2 launched into the world on May 16th, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since that time, NetherRealm Studios has enjoyed an amazing response from critics and fans alike – most often citing our unique take on DC’s iconic Superhero universe. Injustice 2 is NetherRealm Studios 4th console release, and in our humble opinion, represents our most visually stunning work to date.

We are proud to showcase the incredible efforts of the studio’s art teams to the ArtStation community. Injustice 2 sets a new standard for NetherRealm concept, character, environment, animation, cinema, UI and FX production. Our artists have posted hundreds of beautiful samples that showcase the immense talent and imagination that went into crafting the universe of Injustice 2.

Please enjoy our work as presented in this ArtStation Art Blast. NetherRealm is driven to create fully realized worlds through a rich and highly detailed visual presentation – a mission that we are constantly striving to improve. It is a mission we look forward to sharing with you in the future.”

The Injustice 2 Team

To see all of the amazing artwork in one place, try the Trending wall!

Environment Artists

Joe Berger – Art Development Director

Joe Berger (Art Development Director) — Injustice 2

Andrew Arconti – Senior Concept Artist

Andrew Arconti (Senior Concept Artist) — Injustice 2

 Matt Battaglia – Senior World Artist

Matt Battaglia (Senior World Artist) — Injustice 2

Thiago Gomes – Senior World Artist

Thiago Gomes (Senior World Artist) — Injustice 2

Michael Mulkey – Senior World Artist

Michael Mulkey (Senior World Artist) — Injustice 2

Joshua Gutierrez – World Artist

Joshua Gutierrez (World Artist) — Injustice 2

Matt Pierson – World Artist

Jason Pytko – World Artist

Jason Pytko (World Artist) — Injustice 2

Arthur Rodriguez – World Artist

Arthur Rodriguez (World Artist) — Injustice 2

Ryan Rosenberg – Staff Artist

Ryan Rosenberg (Staff Artist) — Injustice 2

Jonathan Thompson – Advanced World Artist

Jonathan Thompson (Advanced World Artist) — Injustice 2

Aren Voorhees – Technical Artist

Character Artists

Brendan George – Character Art Lead

Brendan George (Character Art Lead) — Injustice 2

Bernard Beneteau – Senior Character Artist

Bernard Beteneau (Senior Character Artist) — Injustice 2

Solomon Gaitan – Senior Character Artist

Solomon Gaitan (Senior Character Artist) — Injustice 2

Vince Wilder – Senior Character Artist

Vince Wilder (Senior Character Artist) — Injustice 2

Ian Naud – Senior Character Artist

Ian Naud (Senior Character Artist) — Injustice 2

Jessie Graybeal – Associate Character Artist

Jessie Graybeal (Associate Character Artist) — Injustice 2

Angel Bedolla – Associate Character Artist

Angel Bedolla (Associate Character Artist) — Injustice 2

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