Featured Pro Portfolio: Hicham Habchi

With the ArtStation Pro website builder, there are so many ways for artists to customize how they like their work displayed with even more great new themes. What’s also new is that Pro Perks just got even better!  You can get a subscription to Imagine FX or 3D World Magazine for half the price.  Isn’t that amazing?

This week, we’re featuring the Pro portfolio website of Concept and Comic Artist, Hicham Habchi. Currently based in Dubai-UAE, he immerses himself in anything that relates to comics and video games, and is especially interested in the the concept development of them.

Check out Hicham’s ArtStation-powered website. 

What is the best art advice you’ve ever received?

The most inspiring quote I’ve heard is: “I haven’t reached the point yet where I think I’m really good at this, but I know I’ve got it in me and that’s what gives me drive. I think I’ve come pretty close a few times but I don’t feel satisfied. Maybe I never will be content with my work but, secretly, I know that’s what makes you grow…” by Jamie Hewlett. Doing art to my satisfaction makes me grow as an individual and enriches my level of passion.

My advice is that there’s no shortcut or magical recipe in real life, especially in art. A good knowledge comes with sacrifices and hard work. Constantly drawing is the way to success. Follow your heart and do what makes you feel fulfilled. Never underestimate yourself as an artist and ask for advice and tips from other artists. Drawing everyday is my motivation!!

What has helped you get noticed or get job offers from recruiters?

As I said before, hard work is the way to achieve goals. Sharing my works on a daily basis and going to workshops and conventions also helped me a lot to get noticed in social media, particularly on the ArtStation platform. ArtStation is very simple and useful in promoting my artworks and helps me get contacted by many clients and recruiters in many fields. It helped me get the dream job I was looking for. To me, it’s the perfect combination of a portfolio and Pro site for artists.

What can aspiring artists do to avoid making big mistakes?

The best way to avoid portfolio mistakes is having a good management. Potential clients and employers are can always be looking at your work.  It is a must to refresh your portfolio on a regular basis, keeping a good balance of work and having the best works in front. Showing paid work when possible to add more professionalism to your portfolio can go a long way.

How do you make your portfolio stand out from others?

It is worth fighting for what you love, for what inspires you and for what makes you feel content. I always try to show the process and steps of my work because people like to see the process and the sketches of an artwork more than just a finished one. I think that the mix of uncompleted lines and unfinished perfect shapes what makes my art stand out. 
See more of Hicham’s work on his ArtStation Pro website. To find out more about ArtStation Pro portfolio websites, click here

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