GTC 2017: Discover how GPUS are Redefining Media & Entertainment

GTC 2017 is your opportunity to connect and learn about key trends from industry experts. This includes the latest breakthroughs in GPU technology for broadcast and filmmaking. 

GTC features more than twenty sessions from Media and Entertainment industry experts from Pixar Animation Studios, Chaos Software, Comcast, Redshift Rendering, Digital Domain, NVIDIA, and many more at GTC. Learn how deep learning is creating and enhancing video, VR is driving immersive cinematic experiences, and GPUs are accelerating rendering and ray tracing.

This is the ultimate event for GPU developers and features 500+ sessions on the most vital work in computing today. Connect with the world’s brightest minds at “ask the experts” sessions, evening social events, poster sessions, and more.

Space for training is filling quickly, so reserve your spot.

Register with code CMMEDIAEM to save up to $360.

Featured Speakers

Dirk Van Gelder

Pixar Animation Studios

Advances in Real-Time Graphics at Pixar



Doug Roble

Digital Domain

Exploring Machine Learning in Visual Effects



Panos Zompolas

Redshift Rendering

Production-Quality, Final-Frame Rendering on a GPU



Blagovest Taskov

Chaos Software

Next-Generation GPU Rendering: High-End Production Features on GPU



Gergely Klar

DreamWorks Animation

Blasting Sand with CUDA: MPM Sand Simulation for VFX



Jules Urbach

OTOY, Inc.

Light Field Rendering and Streaming for VR and AR


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Sierra is the Editor of ArtStation Magazine.