Marvelous Designer 6 release news and features

Marvelous Designer announced the official version of Marvelous Designer 6 with performance and enhanced features is now available. Marvelous Designer is an application used to create 3D clothes for use in film, television, game development and interior design. It is based on patternmaking (making the blueprint for a garment), which fashion design background is not required to create 3D clothes using Marvelous Designer. Developed in association with game industry professionals from major studios including UBISOFT, KONAMI, EA, EPIC GAMES, ACTIVISION etc.

This new release includes a large number of new notable features, bug fixes and enhancements.

The key features of Marvelous Designer 6 include:

  1. Button & Buttonhole

Add Buttons and Button Holes as desired on any location of the 3D Garment.


  1. Steam

De-wrinkle and even out smaller areas of 3D Garments, just like you would with a garment steamer.


  1. Scene Time Warp

Speed up or slow down the frames in the motion to warp the global time in the scene.


  1. Solidify

Maintain the folds and wrinkles of any Pattern piece even with Simulation activated.


  1. Offset Pattern Outline

Extend the Pattern outline while maintaining its original shape.


  1. Chalk

Draw Chalk Lines on the 3D garment


  1. Avatar Improved

  • Delete Avatar: Delete individual Avatars
  • Avatar Properties: Save Avatars along with Avatar Property Editor
  • Undo: Undo actions related to the Avatar



All users of Marvelous Designer, especially those using earlier Marvelous Designer Subscription are advised to upgrade to this release as soon as possible to explore these amazing features from Marvelous Designer Website.

Upgrade from Marvelous Designer 5 to 6 is available at 25% off the license fee. For users who upgrading from old versions of Marvelous Designer 3 and Marvelous Designer 4, upgrade is available at 40% off the license fee.

Find out more details about Marvelous Designer 6 New features.

Download 30 days free trial of Marvelous Designer 6 from Marvelous Designer Website


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