Check Out CGMA’s Spring Term Highlights

As CGMA’s Spring term winds down, they have acknowledged some of the amazing talent that makes up the their student body. According to Program Director Manny Fragelus, “The hardest part was just picking from the literally thousands of amazing pieces submitted to our classes each week by our dedicated students.”

CGMA students are mentored by some of the industry’s most talented and experienced artist/instructors, and that is also reflected in the quality of their student’s work.

CGMA offers a comprehensive range of classes geared towards the VFX, Games, and Film industries—ranging from its 2D Foundation & Design program, to the more advance/technical courses for Rigging and FX. CGMA’s classes don’t just cater to students, hobbyists, and aspiring artist, but also to professionals looking to sharpen their skills or acquire new ones.


CGMA’s new “Installment Plans” payment option for enrolling and paying for any of their dozens of course offerings allows students to pay 50% up front (and 50% at a later date), making the courses more accessible to anyone on a budget.

Check out the art from CGMA’s Spring term students. And while you’re at it, check out their course list for the upcoming Summer term (which starts in 3 Weeks). CGMA courses are offered through 2D Academy3D Academy and CG Workshops.

The deadline for registrations for the Summer Term is Friday July 24, 2016



Fundamentals of Architecture Design (student gallery)

Perspective (student gallery)




Dynamic Sketching 1 (student gallery)

Dynamic Sketching 2 (student gallery)

Figure DrawingIMAGE_C

Figure Drawing (student gallery)

Head Drawing and Construction (student gallery)

Fundamental of Character Design (student gallery)

Animal Drawing (student gallery)

Environment sketching/design

Environment Sketching for Production (student gallery)

Environment Design 1 (student gallery)

Intro to Environment Sketching (student gallery)



Character Design for Animation (student gallery)

Storyboarding for Animation (student gallery)

Character Design for Production (student gallery)

Character/costume design

IMAGE_FCharacter Design for Film and Games (student gallery)

Costume Design (student gallery)

Matte Painting


Matte Painting (student gallery)

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