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ArtStation has partnered with many events around the world this year to help the ArtStation community to build networks in the real world. One of the events that really shares our values of putting artists first is the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) event run by Andre Luis and his team. In two short years, it has become the major art event attracting the biggest artists in the world and giving attendees life-changing experiences with mentorship sessions, workshops, art battles, live demos, recruitment sessions, portfolio reviews, live drawing sessions, fireside chats and parties.

We’ve ramped up our collaboration for this year’s THU as a partner with the ArtStation Center (a major recruitment fair and portfolio reviews), and THU TV which opens the THU experience up to every artist in the world.

THU TV won’t be a LiveStream of the main presentations. It will be over 100 hours of exclusive live, recorded and produced content that will be available for you to watch at any time in the future (no need to stay awake for the whole week of THU). They’ve literally built a TV crew for the event to give the content the polish it deserves. THU TV will feature three main hosts: Afonso Salcedo (a THU Pioneer who has worked at DreamWorks and Pixar), Scott Ross (the THU Ambassador who led George Lucas’ companies in the 80s and co-founded Digital Domain), and Louie Tucci (a THU favourite as well as an artist and educator).

Whether you’re just out of school wanting feedback on your portfolio from a rockstar artist, an established artist looking for advice on moving up the studio ladder, or you want to hear war stories from the world’s best artists, THU TV will deliver insights that would take years to find on your own.

The program is shaping up to be epic with well-known artists taking the pulse of the community, professional development sessions, and multiple sessions on how to thrive in a more competitive market.

[divider]THU TV PROGRAMS[/divider]

THU TV: Live Broadcasting

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Inspirational Talks
From insights into a legend’s career path, to technical presentations, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn offers a first-class panel of talent and an eclectic mix of talks.


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Live Demos
From live painting sessions in Photoshop to digital sculpting demonstrations in ZBrush, the masters will share their most-prized industry tips and techniques.


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Fireside Chats
Each evening, the attendees kick back while the THU Ambassador and industry giants take the stage for informal discussions and an opportunity to learn industry secrets.


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Art Battles
Everyone is equal at Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. Take part in daily art battles alongside your newly found friends and industry legends, and win prizes!



[column size=one_quarter position=first]Scott Ross

The Breakfast club
by Lenovo
Hosted by Scott Ross
Speaking truth to power, Scott answers the unanswerable about business, salaries, opportunity, training, portfolios, how to interview and the dish on all your favourite directors.


[column size=one_quarter position=middle]show_2_s

What’s it all about, Fonzie?
Hosted by Afonso Salcedo
More info coming soon


[column size=one_quarter position=middle ]show_3_s

Belly of The Beast
Hosted by Louie Tucci
More info coming soon


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Jack and Coke
Hosted by Jack Gilson
Join us and hang out with your favourite artists as they discuss life and art with no questions barred, Jack hosts the evening show live from Tróia.



THU TV: Inside the Industry Shows

[column size=one_quarter position=first]Meet your hero studios

Meet your hero studios
Meet some of the faces behind the world’s largest companies in the animation, games and VFX industry and find out what it’s like to work there.


[column size=one_quarter position=middle]show_6_s

New kids on the block
Watch enlightening content from the new talents in the industry and discover the tools that are helping them get creative.


[column size=one_quarter position=middle]show_7_s

Moving on up
by InnoGames
Get advice from the world’s top companies and masterful artists to help you climb the career ladder and reach your personal goals.


[column size=one_quarter position=last ]show_8_s

Where we’re going, we won’t need roads
Find out from the best experts what the future of animation, games and VFX looks like, and what part you can play in that.


[column size=one_quarter postion=first]show_9_s

War stories
Hear the uncensored stories from world-leading artists. Discover their real journeys – prepare for surprises and revelations!


[column size=one_quarter position=middle]show_10_s

The Gig Economy
Listen to tips and tricks to better understand your industry, how to pitch work, what to charge, and how to navigate through rough patches.


[column size=one_quarter position=middle ]show_11_s

Portfolio Parade
by ArtStation
Some of the greatest portfolio reviewers in the world will advise you on how to perfect yours and what it takes to land a job.


[column size=one_quarter position=last]show_12_s

Jump start
Have an idea for the next big thing but not sure where to start? Our experts will share their experiences to help your idea become a reality.


THU TV: Educational Content

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Speed Painting Lab
Join us for 30 minutes and a new topic every day as two Knights go head to head! Then sit back and learn from the comfort of your own home or at THU.


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Speed Sculpting Lab
Welcome to Sculpt club! The first rule of sculpt club is sculpt! Two Knights will battle it out, clay will fly!


[column size=one_quarter position=middle]show_15_s

Sketch Lab
Grab your Moleskins, pencil and inks and join us for an hour to learn from the Knights and fellow tribe members.


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[divider]GET YOUR THU TV TICKETS NOW[/divider]

Tickets to THU TV are available now at €150 (+VAT +fees) for 100 hours of content and a multitude of discounts from THU partners. With our THU partnership, ArtStation is able to offer a 33% discount on tickets by using the coupon code: ARTSTATION_THUFRIEND

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Daniel is the Industry Manager for ArtStation.