New Gnomon DVD shows you how to sculpt the Silver Surfer

The Gnomon Workshop’s latest tutorial is pretty much a must for superhero fans. In 3D Character Design: Sculpt, Model, Render, Marvel character artist Josh Herman explains how to create a production-ready model of the Silver Surfer.

The two-hour video covers a range of software, with Josh using ZBrush to block out the sculpt, KeyShot for test renders, and Maya for retopology, before generating final presentation images in KeyShot and Photoshop.

You can see a couple of them in Josh’s ArtStation gallery – and very cool they look, too.

The video is currently available as a digital download, with a DVD release to follow. It costs $49.

Buy 3D Character Design: Sculpt, Model, Render from The Gnomon Workshop’s online store

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About the author

Jim Thacker is a contributing editor for ArtStation Magazine.