Join a Celebration for Comic Artists August 7-11

Grab your pen, pencil, or stylus—Comic Art Week is returning to ArtStation! From August 7th to 11th, show off your stuff in our featured Comic Art Channel by making use of ArtStation’s Tags and Subject Matter portfolio tools.

Preparing Your Comic Art Portfolio

To give your comic art portfolio maximum visibility during the event, make sure to add relevant Tags and Subject Matter to your projects.

Upload a new project here, or edit an existing one here. In the Tags section of the project editor, add any relevant comic-related tags to your project. In the Subject Matter section, add Comic Art.

Sharing on Social

We’ll be spotlighting the ArtStation community’s comic art projects throughout the week on our social channels. Tag us @artstationhq and use #ArtStationComicWeek so we can share your work!

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