Discover the New Building an Original Character Series

In the new Building an Original Character series on ArtStation Learning, Envar Studio artists Ilse Harting, Pedro Krüger, and Meesh Chen take you through all the steps of real-world character creation for games. Each of the series’ four courses will cover a unique step in the character creation process. They will also demonstrate how artists across different disciplines collaborate to bring a unified vision to life. At the end of this series, you (or your team) will be prepared to take a character idea through the initial concept phase, to a 3D game-ready character, and finally to a promotional illustration.

The first course launches this week, with each subsequent course released weekly.

Watch Part 1: Character Exploration and Sketches Today

To kick things off, Ilse Harting, Pedro Krüger, and Meesh Chen discuss their initial brainstorming session and show the ideas that made it through—as well as walk through why certain ideas got axed. Ilse Harting shows her approach to character design and development, including initial worldbuilding and characterization.

This course covers reference gathering, early exploratory sketches, slowly narrowing in and locking down the design, working within a brief, and more.

About Envar

Envar is a top tier design studio based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Their close-knit team of world-class artists have been the driving force behind the success of the biggest games and entertainment IP’s of this generation. Decades of combined experience allow them to adapt to any given project’s needs, and produce exceptional visuals which are designed with a relentless focus on quality, narrative, and design. They specialize in concept art, illustration, art direction, visual development, and much more.

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