Discover a New Vehicle Production in Blender Series on ArtStation Learning

Vehicle Production in Blender is the latest ArtStation Learning release from the talented Dekogon Studios. In this exciting “Dekology” series, you’ll learn how to create a sci-fi motorcycle using Blender. Watch along as games industry veteran Andrew Semyonov shares his unique insights into the production process. The 3-part series covers the entire pipeline from start to finish, from initial reference collection to final rendering and post-processing.

Get Started With Part 1: Introduction, Hard Surface Tools, and Plugins

Start the series by learning industry best practices for creating hard surface assets. Then, after collecting references, you’ll dive into Blender to create a high poly motorcycle sculpt. 

New lessons will be released each week, so be sure to check back soon for Parts 2 and 3!

Series Instructor: Andrew Semyonov

Vehicle Production in Blender instructor Andrew Semyonov

Andrew is a hard surface artist who has been working in the video game industry since 2018. He’s worked for Beetroot Lab studio in Latvia, Elite3D Studio in Spain, and is currently employed by 31st Union studio as a hard surface artist. He has contributed weapons, vehicles, and props for Call of Duty: Vanguard and other AAA projects currently under NDA.

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