Master Your Next Character Art Test With ArtStation Learning

Image of a female sci fi character created by Jared Chavez for his Character Art Test series. She has mossy green hair, wears a shiny pink vest, and has a glowing blue collar around her neck.

Gain Practical Skills for Character Art Test Success

In this new three-part series with instructor Jared Chavez, you’ll learn what it takes to complete a character art test at a AAA level. Jared shares what he looks for in candidates’ submissions; breaks down art test formats and briefs; and, provides practical demonstrations for creating a test character efficiently. Lessons will be released weekly, starting with Part 1: References and Advice available now!

The series was created by Dekogon Studios for ArtStation Learning. You can discover more content from Dekogon on ArtStation Learning here.

Get Started With Part 1: References and Advice on ArtStation Learning

Thumbnail for part 1 of the character art test series, "references and advice". A 3D character blockout of a woman is visible.

Start your character art test learning journey by getting familiar with the art test format and how to break a brief down into concrete milestones and goals. You’ll also learn how to approach a concept, find references, and begin your art test project with a sculpted blockout.

Series Instructor: Jared Chavez

Jared Chavez is a character artist currently working at Turtle Rock Studios. He started out at Northrop Grumman working on various VR projects, while also doing freelance with Dekogon. Jared then moved on to Turtle Rock Studios where he has been for the last 3 years. At Turtle Rock he’s helped develop the characters and creatures for Back 4 Blood.

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