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Based in Europe, Focal Point School (FPS) is a private school specializing in concept art and illustration for the entertainment industry. It was founded by Darek Zabrocki and Michal Kus, established concept designers working actively in the film and game industry. As the success of the school goes with the success of the students, Darek and Michal’s mission is not only to excel at their craft, but to be outstanding in channelling their knowledge and experience to their students. FPS students have found jobs at companies like Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Guerrilla Games, 11bit Studios, Flying Wild Hogs and many more.

Hybrid Terms

When Focal Point School was launched, it strongly adhered to the physical aspect: work as a group, keep the morale in class high, and let students get the best knowledge from the instructors. However, when the surroundings around us change, we have to find a way to adapt in order to move forward. The same goes for Focal Point School which launched Hybrid Terms to adapt to current challenges caused by the pandemic. Hybrid Terms consist of both on-site and online classes running at the same time. This allows online students to get the same knowledge as on-site students.

Artwork by co-founder and instructor Darek Zabrocki

Teaching Strategy

The core classes taught in-person by Darek and Michal are Digital Painting, Environment Design and Hardware Design. These classes are designed in such a way as to allow students to absorb as much knowledge as possible. FPS understands how important it is to crystallize the knowledge students obtain during their studies so as to make it their habit.

The core classes synchronize smoothly and are offered in the Full Term package – meaning that what you learn in the Digital Painting Class will be used in the Hardware and/or Environment Design class respectively and vice versa. With a proven track record, this is the most beneficial way of learning at FPS.

Furthermore, the program is designed to be accessible to students at different skill levels. A Full Term is divided into the Full Intro Term and the Full Advanced Term. Each term comes with their own version of the core classes. In addition, securing a seat for a Full Term gives you an attractive discount compared to buying classes individually.

Artwork by co-founder and instructor Michal Kus

Why You Should Apply

You should apply if you want to become an outstanding concept artist or illustrator or if you want to become a better artist. Simple right? Or, even simpler: Sign up, get better, land a job!

Student artwork by Jakub Marc

Student Artwork by Alicja Lachut

Student Artwork by Nils Dreschsel

Focal Point School fine tunes, improves and upgrades each class. Recurring students never experience the same scripted class. FPS calibrates the shared knowledge based on the skill level of the class, while still paying attention to the individual aspect. FPS always seeks to incorporate new technology and modern tools (eg. Blender). But, remember that teaching design, together with its logical structural aspects and philosophy, come first!

Focal Point School cannot wait to welcome the next wave of students for an upcoming term, and experience the satisfaction of their success. But first, hard work!

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